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The Only Enemy Essay

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Today, people face a lot of problems which are connected with our polluted environment. People destroy the world around them. In this way, we have an environmental destruction. For some reasons, people don’t want to pay attention to their destructive actions. They want to keep consume as much as they can. Then, they suffer from their own actions, which have created problems as polluted air, water and our nature in whole. Of course, people are suffering from the consequences of their irresponsible actions. There are three main reasons why the enemy is in the mirror: people consume too much, they don’t pay attention on their harmful actions and they are lazy to solve problems, which they ...view middle of the document...

He says, that people now have an illusion that they don’t depend from the natural world, because they live in cities and places created by human beings. That’s how people get an illusion of living away from nature. But they can’t help it, because our community will always be dependent on natural resources. Everything what people use is created with a help of the nature. Even If they think that something was created by them without help of anything, it is not true. People must find suitable resources for a product which they want to create. These resources always come from surrounding world, from the nature. Maybe, one day there won’t be enough resources for something. Then people will understand their mistakes and they will pay more attention for some serious issues.
It seems that people not only ignore problems, but also they are lazy to solve these problems. In the essay “The Enemy in the Mirror”, Brian Green talks about inaction of people, who use harmful for environment products:
We munch our fast food and sip our coffee in its environmentally harmful containers; demand that
our paper products be thick, soft, and pure white (bleached at huge cost to our rivers and soil); and
cheerfully accept – even demand – the over packaged goods that our stores and supermarkets peddle
…the majority of us just can’t be bothered to make the effort required to contribute effectively to a

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