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The Only One Essay

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A young man was walking down the street, having no clue who he was or what had happened. He didn’t even remember if he had any family. He could only remember that he had been wandering the streets aimlessly.
“Hey kid, are you lost?” asked a Neimoidian. ”Do you want a job? I could use a servant.”
“No. I am just exploring.” Said the young man.”Now get out of my way.”
The Neimoidian just stared at him. Trying to think of a way to trick him. Realizing that it was hopeless he went into a weapons store.
He then headed into an alley where he found some old meat. The meat looked as if it had been out there for weeks. He started eating it as soon as he had found a box to sit on.
The meat ...view middle of the document...

The pain suddenly returned abruptly. It kept growing stronger than before. The a house appeared. It was small, faded orange, and had a gaping hole in the side. For some reason he couldn’t get it out of his head. All he could think about was that building.
I have to go there, he thought. I might be able to find out who I am, where I came from, and what has happened.
He walked through the town. Starting in the west sector he searched. All he found was businesses and stores. Next he headed toward the north sector where he found nothing but entertainment. Next was the east sector where there was nothing but a shopping mall and ruins of an old city. He was tired of looking, but he searched in vain. Finally, he came across a cantina. He remembered he was hungry so he headed into the cantina.
“You want something?” asked the bartender dryly.
“Actually, yes. I’ve searched everywhere, the east, the north, the west sectors, and then here in the south sector, and I still haven’t found it.
“What are you looking for?”
“I am looking for an old, orange, slight damaged building. Have you seen one around here!?”
“I don’t know,” he said in suspenseful thinking. “Maybe a few credits could refresh my memory.”
“I’m not paying you credits for just a simple question. Answer my question!”
“ Fine, It is right across the street.”
“Thanks,” the young man said as he left.
He headed across the street and noticed that the house had been there for centuries. The sides shown signs of erosion and blaster fire. The door was lying on the ground, ripped from its place. He peered at the windows, of which seemed that someone had attempted a break-in. He peeked in the dark room and saw nothing. He didn't want to go inside, but something was making him do it. He headed up the stairs moving cautiously. When he reached the top of the stairs he went to the door. He tried to open it, but there was a voice lock on it. Then he fell to the floor. The pain returned even greater than before. His head started throbbing. He then heard a voice. It sounded like his own. It was saying something.
That voice can’t be mine. He thought.
“I am ready.” The voice said.
The pain went away. He took in what the voice had said.
I am ready, he thought. I wonder if that is the password. But it won’t work unless the person who made the code said it. Well it is worth a try.
“I am ready.” He said.
The door didn’t open. He started to turn away. Suddenly he heard clicks and boops from a droid. He turned as a door opened to reveal a droid in a huge bedroom. The room was clean and there was a picture of him with a young woman in a robe. The droid looked at him and then started whooping and bopping with joy.
“Hey droid. what is your problem?” He asked.
“Boop-de-doot-do-dweet,” it replied.
“Boop-be-doot-do-dweet. That means that I am your owner and that their is an HK-100 droid in the closet,” he said as he went over to the closet. “But I don't even know you.”
When he opened the door he heard a familiar voice say....

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