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The Only Certain Thing In Life

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There is only a few things in life that are certain, death being the most certain of all. Although everyone looks at death in different ways, one thing is for sure it is inevitable. The way Dylan Thomas and Mary Oliver goes writing about death are similar because they both seem to grasp it as something that will happen regardless. Oliver uses the phrase a “certain coming” (Oliver 16) that makes it seem this way. In Dylan Thomas’ poem, “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night”, he used the statement “Though wise men at their end know dark is right” (Thomas 4) that makes me feels as if he also embraces that death is certain in life.
In these poems both Oliver and Thomas use emotional escalation to organize the poems. Mary Oliver describes a snake moving onto a road as a truck that cannot swerve to introduce death into her poem. Thomas on the other hand takes a more direct approach and jumps into using analogies such as “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” (Thomas 3) to introduce death into his poem. Thomas more than likely used light to represent life is that light is commonly related to the presence of life. Oliver appears to take more of a passive and compassionate approach to death in her poem, whereas Thomas has a more aggressive approach to death and by his writing could lead a reader to believe that no matter the circumstances one should fight death until the end. In Oliver’s poem she uses visual descriptions in the beginning for the snake to put the sight of death into your mind and evoke emotion. Throughout the poem she also uses a lot of emotional descriptions one may feel after running over the aforementioned snake or even experiencing a death in general. Oliver used statements such as “its suddenness, / its terrible weight” (Oliver 14-15) to emphasize the effects that death has on a person. Thomas on the other hand waited until the end to really evoke these feelings using the image of the speakers dying father and wanting him to “Curse, Bless me now with your fierce tears” (Thomas 17), anything to prevent him from dying.
According to Open Culture Thomas got the inspiration for his poem...

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