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The Open Door

The act of unfaithfulness in marriage is more common in modern society than in the late 1800s. The advancement in technology permits married couples to get romantically involved with the opposite sex in ways unheard of in the late 1800s. In Kate Chopin’s story “The Storm,” Calixta and Alcee commit a physical affair while their spouses are away. Although both marriages in the story remain unharmed after the affair occurs, committing a physical affair in the actual time period of the story is threatening to a marriage. In modern society, emotional affairs are just as common and dangerous to a marriage as physical affairs are in the late 1800s.

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Both partners are able to become romantically involved with the opposite sex without physical contact. This emotional connection with another person destroys the emotional connection with their spouse and damages their marriage. It is much easier for couples to be unfaithful to each other in modern society because of technology advancements. The invention of social media is the big one for emotional infidelity among married couples and it happens among bored and curious couples that lack communication with each other (Cybersex). The Internet is just a click away for an emotional relationship and a text away for a physical one. How easy is that? Very easy compared to a woman living in the Victorian era. She has to wait for somebody to ride up (like Calixta does) or go on a hunt while her husband is away, but must beware of dire consequences. Today, it is not heard of a married woman or man fearfully cheating on their spouse.

Many couples today, find themselves in an emotional affair without looking for one or even realizing it. Chatting with someone of the opposite sex online seems like no big deal, but then it gets to the point where personal information and fantasies are exchanged and there becomes an emotional connection. The next thing they know, the two involved, meet up and the physical relationship starts. Before the physical aspect gets involved though, an emotional relationship may deceive even the ones involved. A wife involved with someone online, for example, may tell her husband, ‘ “Honey, it's not like I am meeting him. It's only online. What is the big deal?” ’ (Cybersex). While communicating with someone online, may indeed, seem harmless; it cannot be taken...

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