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The Open Door Policy In China In The Late 1800s

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During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the growth of international trade caused western countries to invade China in order to extend the affect of their nations. There were benefits to China as a result of growth in trade, however the involvement of foreign nations was not appreciated by the citizens and government. The United States created the Open Door policy to control China’s market and resources without approval of the Chinese government which resulted in the Boxer Rebellion.

Prior to the rebellion, westernized countries conquered different sections of China in order to imperialize many of the villages throughout the country. These nations began to exert control over communities that allowed them to expand their influence. Most of the villages that were imperialized had a sea port which allowed westernized countries to dock and trade. Britain claimed Hong Kong along with four other ports; Germany focused on the Shandong territory. France had control over the south, while the north-eastern part of China was ruled by Japan. European countries greatly benefited from their trade with China as their exported products were profitable to sell and useful to European citizens. Between 1898 and 1900, Britain, France, Italy, Russia, Germany, and Japan had isolated their own spheres of influence. This meant that each country influenced a single region of China in some way. Due to the many countries involved, the Chinese government was unable to manage all of the business that was taking place. Also, the government could not enforce laws to limit the power of foreign nations and their use of China’s resources. These outside nations wanted to protect their markets to ensure trade with China. This resulted in a partnership between eight different countries that agreed to follow the guidelines of the United State’s authored Open Door Policy.
After the United States won the Spanish American War in 1898, they were stationed in the Philippines and eventually made their way to China....

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