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The Opinion Of Celebrities, Such As Famous Entertainers And Athletes, Are More Important To Younger People Than They Are To Older People Tpo46 Independent Writing Homework Assignment

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Undoubtedly, celebrities are a sort of people whose fame and public attention is accorded by the media to individuals or groups. Currently, the issue relating to the influence of their opinions is much more concerned where a point where a deep contemplation among individuals in society as a whole has come into vogue. A considerable number of people maintain that the opinions of celebrities have strong influence on the younger people nowadays, whereas others are at odds with them and believe that younger people don’t even pay much attention to them. From my perspective, to a large extent, I would totally side on the former idea. And my illustrations are as follows.

First and foremost, by no means are we supposed to give a cold shoulder to the fact that the young people are more receptive of new thoughts. It cannot be denied that young people are currently gradually embracing the world of abundance ahead of them, which means they lack of mental maturity and experience, and their values and world view are not formed. Given that celebrities have already gained enormous fame and are influential in the society, young people usually tend to worship and feel like to imitate them and thus change their perspectives. In contrast, the older people have stepped into the society for many years, which enables them to possess their own beliefs and completed characteristics, and not to be easily moved or changed. According to a recent survey conducted by China Daily, when a new electronic product which is endorsed by celebrities appear on the market, over 80% of the young people who don’t intend to buy it at the beginning choose to buy it after they see the commercial advertisements. And only 15% of older people’s opinions are affected by the celebrities. Based on these data, it can be seen that points of view of young people are...

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