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The Optimum Philosophy For Education Essay

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My personal philosophy of education is to produce a holistic individual with strong character and strong morals and provide freedom that enables the person to grown into a virtuous and free adult. The purpose of education within this framework is to give the learner the power to make wise decision that would positively impact on his life as well as the lives of the entire society.
In discussing my personal philosophy of education, I will elaborate on the aim of education, address the role of the teacher and the learner and explain them method of classroom practices. Justification of my personal philosophy will be provided with reference to four theorists that include Rousseau and the realism theory (1712-1778); Dewey and the pragmatism theory (1859-1952); Freire and the critical theory (1921-1997); Montessori and the Social Reconstructionism and Critical Pedagogy theory (1870-1952) (Cahn, 1997). It will also be demonstrated that my personal philosophy of education is in contrast to idealism theory advocated by Plato; and the Associationism theory advocated by John Locke (1632-1704) (Cahn, 1997).
Aim of education
As stated in my personal philosophy of education above, the aim of education is to produce a holistic individual with strong character and strong morals as well as provide freedom that enables the person to grow into a virtuous and free being. This philosophy is built on the premise that a human being is a social being who interacts with other social beings. In this regard, education should instil and shape the character of human beings by instilling strong morals and virtues as well as giving the person the power to make independent choices that impact positively on his life and the life of the entire society.
The aim of education as brought out in my personal philosophy of education conforms to Rousseau’s realism theory in which Rousseau held that children are designed to learn from their environment and in the process they develop into virtuous adults (Gutek, Gerald, 2009). Hence, Rousseau also perceived education as an important channel whose purpose is to instil strong morals and character in human beings.
Similarly, Dewey in his pragmatism theory noted that the aim of education is to ensure that there is continuity in the life of social groups (Neil, 2005). In relation to my personal philosophy of education, continuity of social groups is only possible when people have strong morals and strong characters because strong morals bind people together. As stated above, human beings are social beings and their ability to socialize is based on the morals and virtues held by the people.
Role of the teacher
Based on my personal philosophy of education, it is evident that the role of the teacher is to mould the learner to grow into a holistic being. This involves imparting important skills that instigate strong morals and virtues as well as empowering the learner to be self-reliant by imparting the much needed...

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