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The Option Of Training And Having Better Teachers As A Solution For Educational Issues

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The heated discussion surrounding the American education system is naturally going to cross over the weakest link of the system, the failing schools, most of which are predominantly in lower-class Urban areas. The scores from these urban schools, which are failing to meet the testing standards and hold up globally, consist of an disproportionate population of the majority of the low-income, minority students, with just about every obstacle going against them all stuck in these failing schools. As with any problem, solution-seekers vie to find the main source or sources that are tangibly within the jurisdiction of the people in power. Teachers’ quality is obviously not the only issue facing children at these toxic schools, however it is a key factor, and policy makers have the ability to make effective choices. The other many layers of less direct and deeper issues will take quite a bit more years, due to these biased obstacles woven into the fabric of society, but with an effective teacher guiding students within the daily school environment, these other inequalities could follow suit. In this debate, whether deserved by each individual or not, a scapegoat has become the teachers in these failing schools, especially because of the weight they hold regarding critical years in primary school, unlike home stability or other issues outside forces don’t have as much power to directly penetrate. That issue of teachers brings about the question of whether we should change the actors completely, if the current teachers in this failing system do not seem to be working.
This reform and its concept of changing the actors is best known for its implementation by the organization Teach for America, or TFA for short, along with some other more recent alternate teacher certification programs, such as the MATCH Teacher Residency. In the hopes of improving the scores of the struggling American schools, these groups that offer an alternative route for teacher certification promote a reform that remakes the traditional process that teachers have been trained, based on the idea of the current system’s teachers not working, and the chance to replace the actors who are not working with more adequate teachers. The ideology behind these groups is with the current failing schools, and the education reforms not working, perhaps the best way to rework the system is to rework the way we prepare the teachers who are the biggest players and impact in a child’s educational life. By changing the program and implementing these alternative certification routes for newly graduated college students, usually those at the top of their class and in a well-respected university, the programs, and develop teachers better prepared to enter the classroom, have more accountability, and an alternative to the licensure tests that these programs do not believe are a proper predictor of teacher preparedness, as a judgment based on a paper-and-pencil test.
Firstly, to understand the need...

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