The Organizational Systems And Structure Found In "The Bee Movie" And How It Relates To Society

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Current state
“Bees don’t think about what is impossible. That’s why we can fly when everyone says we shouldn’t be able to” (The Bee Movie, 2007). One of the things that confines creative thinking is the belief that a system or structure or current way of doing things creates boundaries that should not/ought not to be crossed. That is similar to a non-permeable border – nothing from one side crosses to the other side. This non-porous thinking affects ideas, values, change and behavior to an extent that one becomes stagnant and dormant almost to the point of apathy.
The hive and the occupants were subject to a limited perspective. Only the pollen jockeys got to go outside, and even their behavior was dictated and directed by the manager to the point that even though they could talk, they were not allowed to do so. Why would that rule be in effect? Because that’s the way it is, and that is the system that they were under, have been under and will be under, in order to keep order and maintain the structure of the organization. In terms of cause and effect, the cause was the regulatory order needed to maintain the current state of systematically making honey and only making honey and the effect was that all they did was – make honey. The hive was in full bureaucratic mode and focused on organizational stability and repetitiveness of the honey making process (mass training of all new recruits conducted the same way), autocratic decision making (follow in your parent’s footsteps for your ‘career’ ) and unquestioned execution by the workforce (assigned to a job until you die). Further, there were fixed processes for stability (pull the same lever all day until you become the best lever puller around – and then you die) and knowledge was kept at the senior level to minimize disruption and maintain control: only the pollen jockeys could go outside (Bennet and Bennet, 2004).

Conversely, the hive did have one aspect of world class mode. They were a team. Indeed, not to achieve better and more balanced decision making, as is representative of a true world class mode (Bennet and Bennet, 2004), but to eliminate inefficient waste and unnecessary processes. According to the bees, the hive was an organization – a large involved thing made up of lots of small moving parts, doing what each part did best – working together (The Bee Movie, 2007)
Accelerating Change
As one chooses an outfit for the day, they look in the closet and review the options: “yellow/black, yellow/black, yellow/black - hey, let’s shake it up a bit and go with black/yellow” (The Bee Movie, 2007)! One type of change is a change in the type of event or pattern that typically occurs, enabling an increase in the creative idea process. Why not choose black and yellow? Break out of that same mold of yellow and black and see what happens. To this point, do not wait to be told it is Ok to make the alternative decision; accelerate the change by taking the chance to try...

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