The Organizing Function Of Management In The United States Postal Service

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Organizing is often viewed as the process to collect and configure resources in order to implement plans in a very effective and efficient fashion. This function is often considered as one of the major functions of management; therefore there are a wide variety of topics in organizing. Some types of organizing required in a business organization are: organizing yourself, organizing a task, job or role, and organizing various groups of people.A way of organizing yourself can be done in two ways: setting up office facilities and organizing yourself in a personal matter. When setting up the office facility you should think about the equipment to be used and designing the workplace, creating a comfortable and efficient work environment. Organizing yourself is basically organizing your office, activities, and organizing time management. Also organizing your "to do" list, paperwork, files, and others. When organizing a task, job or role remember to include an employee performance planning. This process ensures ongoing effective organizing. Also remember to organize time management, which is very important in order to use every second the best way possible. By organizing various groups of people we are including committees, whether the board of directors of committees in general, teams, and meetings.The agency I work for is The United States Postal Service, which is an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States government responsible for providing postal services in the United States. We also offer the service of sending international mail. The station I'm currently working is at Penuelas, Puerto Rico. It is a small station but we give all types of services, whether domestic mailing or international mail, except the services of passports. This agency like all federal agencies have very good benefits that includes healthcare plans, retirement, annual leave, sick leave, and others. The position I have in the Post Office is Sales, Service, and Distribution Associate. I'm in charge of offering the services to the customer, helping them the best way possible, making sure the packages are safely packed and that it doesn't contains nothing harmful, threatening to our co-workers and our country, and nothing illegal. The agency is constantly making changes internally and externally to optimize their service, revenues and its resources, but it still has its flaws.Human ResourcesIn the business world the term human resources refers to the individual or department that is responsible for overseeing the hiring, management, and payment of a company's employees (Everyday Finance: Economics, Personal Money Management, and Entrepreneurship, 2008). Within the agency I believe that the human resources organization has been optimized for effectiveness and efficiency. The agency is using PostalPEOPLE, which is a system that is the largest implementation of its kind in the federal government or private sector. Anthony Vegliante said "This system is...

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