The Orgins Of All Revolutions Essay

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The idea of a revolution would have never crossed anyone’s mind without there being a set idea of a good government what it should respect, follow, and provide all of this was set during the enlightenment, the result of the reformation. The reformation was a great influence on any revolution because here is where we start to see reason being used instead a religious based decision and the reliance on the church starts to greatly diminish everywhere. Due to this the church loses a lot of money so to increase profit they start to sell Indulgences, good deeds, to the people and Martin Luther went against this idea and rebelled and basically made a new church in a way that was based of his ideas. This kindled a new idea in the minds of everyone to adopt this to society and the government and social classes by spreading ideas on their idea of a perfect government. Ideas of a government where spread so the people are free to do what they want but limitations are still set. But others believed that humans need too tamed and held and that is someone is not watching us we turn ravage so we need one ruler that has all the power. The revolution that started it all was based on a man named John Locke who believed in democracy this revolution was the American Revolution.
The begging of this was during the reformation a time people started to change or reform the church but expanded to different things very quickly. Martin Luther was a great influence in this time period.”In 1517, Martin Luther posted his 95 theses in Wittenberge, after he translated the bible into German, and common man began to question “Gods will” (Encyclopedia of protest and revolution). These caused a great impact everywhere the German bible allowed the common man to read and better comprehend the bible. By doing this people started to question gods will but not his will but the churches. A great doubt in the churches will is that they actually sold Indulgences, good acts, and martin knew that this was a fraud and exposed them of it. He changed aspects and by wanting to modify the current church he made a new one. Consequently people started to see this as an opportunity to change the government as well strikes began just 7 years later in 1524 but very shortly transformed into a full out rebellion against the injustice of Germany. (Peasants War-Summary) Historians don’t know the true cause of this but most agree that great factors where the fact that they wanted a self governed villages, privilege to vote for officials, and assurance of the honorable local courts. (Peasants War-Summary) The beginning strike was in Black Forest in May of 1524 peasants refused to pay feudal dues or to serve there lords. By 1525 strikes had been reported in Swabia and “Twelve Articles “where Witten stating that peasants now wanted to live under Gods word. The significance of this is that the people are standing up for what they believe and how they trust the church again now that is has gone through a great...

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