The Source And Cause Of Violent Tendencies In Humans

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The Source and Cause of Violent Tendencies in Humans

Philosophers since the beginning of time have debated over the source and cause of violent tendencies in humans that in turn produce global conflicts, to solve the age old question, man or beast? Global conflict can with out a doubt be completely accredited to the human race, but what are the particular reasons for humans to cause such conflicts? There are many topics that have been argued by philosophers and historians over the connection between the reasons the human race and global conflict. One such topic is the gender based theories and sexual differences of men and women. Others believe that religion, with particular emphasis on monotheistic beliefs, is the major basis of conflict among the human race up to this day. Another important fact to take into consideration when attempting to understand why there is global conflict in the human race; is the significance of individual cultures amongst opposing or simply separated tribes, groups, states, and nations. Lastly, one must consider the physical evidence, for example, figuring out what can be learned about previous prehistoric societies from anthropology and paleontology. The basis of the debate is the nature of mankind; is it in our nature to be like wild animals with a lust to kill with the only difference between us and animals being intelligence, or is it that mankind over the time of existence have developed such things as material goods, religious belief systems, and all different ways of life that are responsible for violence and conflict throughout the history of the world. There is no clear cut answer to why mankind acts in such a way, but one can develop a very strong argument or theory which includes and relates all these characteristics and elements of mankind.

Humankind and violence is the first place to start when trying to decipher the explanation of mankind’s exploits throughout history. When looking at the specific numbers men are mostly the source of human violence, especially men age fifteen to twenty-nine years of age, and there are many possible explanations for the reason why young men are the leading cause of violence. David Barash offers a possible starting point in which he asserts that men have always held the positions involving killing, “or what might be called the ‘killing establishment’— soldiers, executioners, even slaughterhouse workers – is overwhelmingly male” (Barash 1). When men could no longer play the hunter role, they still would have the urge or animalistic inclination to compete or kill one another, which leads to violence, hence; men began killing each other. This leads to gender division, which Carol Adams blames on the fact that the world has always been a patriarchial system. Men have established themselves as the dominant position in the human race, and because of this feeling of the need to be dominant there have been certain roles established for the way each gender should behave. As...

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