The Origin,Influence And Music Technicalities Of The Saxophone.

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Although I have just embarked on the journey of learning to play the saxophone. I am very intrigued by it’s history and musical origin. The saxophone is simply an amazing instrument with so many different kinds and variations of it, and so many musical genres it is able to play. The saxophone can produce soft angelic tones, or hard hitting jazz numbers, basically anything you want to hear the saxophone, and it’s player are able to provide you with. Upon such a versatile instrument there are so many endless possibilities and I am here to share with you some of the most amazing and changeling things about the Saxophone. I will inform you about the history of the saxophone and how it has influenced the musical world, and much more.

The Saxophone was created by Antoine Joseph Sax, but more popularly regarded as Adolphe Sax, in 1846. The Saxophone is the most recent woodwind instrument to have been produced and accepted into music. In 1814 Adolphe Sax was born in Dinant, Belgium. At a young age he learned from his father who retained his own instrument crafting shop how to make instruments himself. He studied the Flute and Clarinet at the Brussels conservatory in Belgium, and in 1840 Adolphe decided he would made an instrument to cover the middle range of military band music. He wanted a sound similar to the Clarinet but also with the Brass tone of the Trumpet. He made it as a hybrid using a Clarinet mouthpiece, and key work resembling the Oboe’s. In 1842 Adolphe, moved to Paris to finish creating the instrument that was soon be appropriately named the “Saxophone”. He finished making the Saxophone in 1845, and it was soon picked up by several French Orchestral Composers in 1846. Thereafter the Saxophone was being played in many small orchestras, It was also used in military bands. In the 1900’s the Saxophone gained more popularity because it was included in many Jazz bands. Jazz musicians were given a forceful solo identity after overpowering the Trumpet and upstaging it as a constitutional Jazz instrument with the saxophone.

Although the Saxophone is a brass instrument it is regarded as a woodwind because, the way it is played and the way sound is produced through it, is very similar to the Clarinet. The saxophone is the only form of woodwind instrument that hasn't been originally made of wood. It possess a single reed mouthpiece like the Clarinet, and is made of a brass tube that has been bent and has holes in it. The saxophone has a combination of a single reed mouthpiece and large conical tube made of metal. I will provide you with further explanation as to how the Saxophone works and it’s appearance in the image below.

Neck: A metal tube attached to the body of the instrument.
Octave pin and key: Located on the neck of the instrument, a single hole and key. Near that is the octave key, which when pressed down on raises the pitch of notes.
Mouthpiece: Located on the neck of the saxophone. It is required to have a cork to easily slide...

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