The Origin Of Modern Christmas And The Myth Of The Tooth Fairy

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When Sir Bob of Schneizereindeer returns from Zimbabwe, his knights organizes a meeting to tell Sir Bob some terrible news. His wife, Queen Phaedra, has been taken away by a dragon and locked up in its castle.
As the bravest knight in all of Schneizereindeer, Sir Bob undoubtedly chooses to go on an adventure to save his lover from the devilish dragon. From where Sir Bob’s from, every knight possesses a special ability, and for Bob, he could fly.
Sir Bob wastes no time and packs up for his journey to the notorious Dragon Tower. On his way, he meets a peasant shivering on the ground. Sir Bob descends.
“State your name, peasant,” says Sir Bob.
“I am Sir Nez of Caca, and you are?”
Sir Bob beheads him immediately because Sir Nez is the most wanted man in Africa because of his infamous dragon that broke free from him, the exact dragon that took Queen Phaedra. After calming down, Sir Bob continues his venture of rescuing his lover and flies for another 12 hours. Then Sir Bob decides to take a rest and nap under a banana tree.
Sir Bob wakes up to a horrible roar, and a dragon appears to his face. Sir Bob screams like a little girl and runs towards a cave.
“Halt, sir! It is harmless!”
“Oh please don’t kill me, I’ll give you whatever you want! Just please don’t hurt me! PLEASE!” yells Sir Bob, crying.
“Sir, it’s me, Queen Phaedra, you’re safe now.”
Sir Bob stands up, still with tears in his eyes, then walks to Queen Phaedra.
My Queen, how are you still alive? I thought you were taken away by the devil and I would never see you again!” Sir Bob shouts aloud.
“Let’s not ask so many questions now, shall we? Now, I have a confession to make. I’m actually not Queen Phaedra of Seychelles.” replies the lover of Sir Bob.
“Then who are you exactly?”
The woman takes out a small bag from her pocket, and empties it in front of Sir Bob.
“You’re not… you can’t be… it’s not possible!”
“I am the tooth fairy. And this is my pet dragon that collects teeth for me when I’m gone.” says the tooth fairy, holding 52 teeth in her hands.
“Then everything we had between us, was also a big lie as well?”
Sir Bob starts...

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