The Origins Of A Newly Formed Toxic Algae In The Ocean

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Recently, scientists have been noticing a quite thing occurring in the ocean that had never been seen before. Scientists have been recently finding a new type of algae in the ocean that does not have very great effects on the environment. Many say that this alga is probably a type of algae that is similar to the ones that grew millions of years ago; this alga is toxic though. It releases terrible pungent odors that can affect health. This algae was first discovered in Australia by fisherman and is now ruining Australian fishing industries by taking over the ocean. Scientist Judith O’Neil from the University of Queensland was the first scientist to discover the origins of this toxic algae. It ...view middle of the document...

But most importantly coral reefs and underwater forests are majorly affected by the blocking of sunlight because of algae taking over our oceans. Coral reefs make up a very small part of our oceans only about one percent of the entire ocean. Coral reefs however do hold twenty-five percent of all marine life and do hold vital parts in providing food and oxygen to the ocean. It must be emphasized that coral reefs only cover one percent of the ocean’s surface and at the rate it’s depleting now because of new threats they could be completely gone. If coral reefs are completely gone from the face of the Earth there could be a negative impact on the seas and society. Sea animals could die off because they provide so much food, nutrients, and most importantly provide most of the oxygen in the ocean. When a category 5 hurricane once struck off the coast of Jamaica in 1980, the coral reefs got destroyed. Then after harmful algae blooms showed up there and ever since then the coral reefs have never returned to that area. That area is also now infested with algae blooms everywhere that have completely taken over the ecosystem there. Then algae eating sea urchins took over with the plentiful algae. This could be one very good example of what could happen to coral reefs with primitive algae blooms filling up our oceans, and something like this has also occurred in kelp forests. Thus the destruction of the resource marine life depends on would be destroyed.
“Primeval tide of toxins” not only has an effect on marine life, but also on humans. Much of these species of less evolved marine life are toxic to humans. Such as the fireweed that was found of the coast of Australia. It has a pungent smell and the fisherman that had direct contact with the fireweed ended up getting infected and sent to the hospital. Then eventually even more and more of the fisherman got sick. As time passed by these algae blooms popped up even more and took over that area. Eventually many fisherman were being hospitalized as in the area where they were fishing was being filled with harmful algae. Many people around the world also get hospitalized even without direct contact with the algae, especially if they live in coastal areas. Many scientists believe that the odors and chemicals released by this toxin can also be airborne and can affect human health by smell and odors. Primitive marine life also affects the fishing economy in many aspects. Such as the fishing industry in Darien, Georgia it used to be dependent on shrimp, but then shrimp were overfished. So then swarms of jellyfish took over...

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