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A History Of The Orion Neblua

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A nebula is a space dust that appears as a hazy bright, colorful patch in the sky. The Orion Nebula goes way back from millions of years ago and is made up of mostly hydrogen, but also helium, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen (Wiley 1). The Orion Nebula is also known as M42, Messier 42, and NGC 1976 (Ivan P. 1). Even though the Orion Nebula may have a giant black hole in the middle of it, The Orion Nebula is still the brightest nebulae because it can be seen with the naked eye during certain times of the year and has the three brightest stars in it.
The Orion Nebula is not a difficult nebulae to find. It can be seen best during the colder months of January and February (Ivan P. 1). It is one of the many more noticeable star patterns in the sky during the winter (Franknoi 1). The three stars in it's center make it easier to find than most (Franknoi 1). If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you can find the Orion Nebula in the southwest sky between Latitudes 86 and -75 degrees (Ivan P. 1). The Orion Nebula is 1,270 light years away from the earth (Fuller 1). The Orion Nebula is also between Jupiter and the brightest star, Sirius (Fuller 1). The Orion Nebula is fourteen light-years across (Ivan P. 1). If you really want to see the Orion Nebula up close then you need to use the Hubble Space Telescope to view it (Fuller 1). Since the Orion Nebula is so easy to find, it is a useful aid in finding other stars surrounding it including Sirius, Aldebaran, and Procyon (Garza 1). The Orion Nebula was also one of the first nebulae to be photographed (Britannica 1). Henry Drapper was the photographer and took the photograph in 1880 (Britannica 1).
The Orion Nebula originated from the Greeks. Orion has always been associated with mythology (Ivan P. 1). It was given it's name from the Greek demigod, Orion, in 8th century B.C. (Ivan P. 1). By connecting the stars inside the Orion Nebula, you will form the head, shoulders, belt and feet of Orion (Ivan P. 1). The equator passes close to the upper star of his belt, so that half of Orion is in the Northern hemisphere and the other half of his belt is in the Southern hemisphere (Ivan P. 1). Orion was a hunter who had superhuman powers and killed animals with an unbreakable bronze club (Ivan P. 1). His father was Poseidon so he was given the gift of also walking on water (Ivan. P 1). Orion was placed among the stars after death so he could look over others (Ivan P. 1). Another Greek legend is that Orion was in love with one of the Seven Sisters, Merope. Merope was not interested in Orion no matter how he tried to win her over (Garza 1). Orion tried to win Merope's love for seven years (Garza 1). After seven years, Orion's life turned tragic when he stepped on Scorpius which caused him and the scorpion to die (Garza 1). The gods felt pity towards Orion and decided to put him in the sky as constellations (Garza 1). The animals that he hunted were placed near Orion in the sky except Scorpius who was placed on the...

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