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The Orion String Quartet And Nash Ensemble: A Concert Review

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“Mozart for Four
Mozart: String Quartet in F Major, K 590
Mozart: Piano Quartet No. 1 in G Minor, K 478
Performed by the Orion String Quartet and the Nash Ensemble” (

For the purposes of this assignment I choose this particular concert because I find Mozart’s music to be intellectual and engaging, requiring deep concentration and an open mind to be able the comprehend the depth of his musical visions. In this paper a will attempt to explore the qualities I like and dislike in the pieces presented in this concert and endeavor to analyze the “Piano Quartet No. 1 in G Minor, K 478”.
I thoroughly enjoyed this concert from beginning to end. The opening piece, “String Quartet in F Major, K 590”, was both soothing and moving with an engaging theme that followed through the piece. The sudden stops and starts with changes in theme built the suspense and pulled the listener in to a jaunty gallop through the second section. Also the bass tones in the back ground seem to be slightly off kilter with the violins, providing a complex texture and harmony that provides depth and poignancy to the music.
Section 3 is more merry and cheerful with the violins leading what feels like a race to be won. As they slow slightly we are soon dragged back to full speed and the race is on again. The violins and cello play off of each other as if in composition to see who will win the race. The bass brings in a dramatic flair as if building the suspense for the final climax of the music. The music slows to the point where you feel you have reached the end, but soon you are back on the journey again racing with the violins and lower instruments toward the finish line and the conclusion leaves the listener breathless.
This piece is a great example of Mozart’s ability to bring a more dramatic flair to his music than the other composers of the classical period. He is not afraid to bring a note of disquiet or to bring emotion, however slight to the music he creates. This work is a classic example of the string quartets of the time bringing to life the violin, viola and cello in a gripping way. This piece is a work from Mozart’s later years and was written with King Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia in mind.
In the second piece in the concert, Mozart show us the depths that the piano can bring to music by composing complex movements that were thought, at the time, to be too difficult for...

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