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One of the websites I look at more than anything else is I enjoy looking at this website due to its analytical and speculative nature into current and future news of the Orlando Magic basketball team. Viewing the website as a fan of the team is far different from as an analyst. Not only is it my first stop for news about the team but also for other people’s view on the team by visiting the message boards. The message board section of the website gives the team an additional venue to create interest in the team by allowing fans to promote the team amongst themselves. I personally can attest to this because I’ve been “sucked in” by the hype and am now essentially addicted to the website.
Viewing the Orlando Magic website in an analytical light provides lots of insight as to just what goes in to catering to the casual and die-hard Magic fan. When visiting the website, the first thing I notice is the Orlando Magic logo and the text “Be Magic” in all caps, bold, sans serif, and royal blue and black: the colors of the Orlando Magic. When glancing at the homepage, the biggest element is the scrolling “headline feed” in the middle of the page. In bold white sans serif letters, there are 4 different scrolling headlines with descriptions, in front of a rather large picture that can be associated with that article. At first glance, the sheer amount of text is overwhelming. Considering the layout of the webpage however, it is easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Not including the main headline feed, on the right side there is an area with links to other headlines, with a tab for blogs of people associated with the team. Below that, there are links to photos, to the left of those “Magic TV” videos, and below that, links to basketball camps, the Magic Store, and fan forums.
The style of font throughout the website is large, bold, and easy to read. Making the color of the font either white or black (with the exception of blue links) it guarantees the text stands out on the background and also allows them to be the team’s colors (blue, black, and white). On the perimeter of the home page, there are multiple ads that range from season tickets, to Ticketmaster, to the Magic team shop. Inside the team store, the first thing you are presented with categories and thumbnails of their most exclusive items for each category, e.g., under the “jerseys” category is the most expensive Dwight Howard authentic jersey. The rather high prices and exclusive marketing of such items would lead me to believe that the audience of the team shop would probably be wealthier and willing to spend top dollar for “high-end items.” Following the general format and color scheme of the original website, the team store focuses on feeding off of the audience that views the Orlando Magic website.
It is very clear that the primary audience of is the devoted Magic fan. Although women can be basketball fans just as much as men, the pictures of...

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