"The Osbournes": America's Ideal Family? Essay

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From "Leave it to Beaver," to "The Cosby Show" and now "The Osbournes," definitions of a family have changed dramatically over the years. "Leave it to Beaver" instilled in America's head the ideal family--husband, wife, two children. The family turned out to have what every family in the U.S. wanted; innocence, respectability and a bit of adventure. "The Cosby Show" taught Americans that "the family that plays, sings, dances, and above all, communicates together, stays together" (Taylor 323). "The Osbournes" brings about completely different ideas of a family--tempers, spoiled children, drug and alcohol abuse, personality clashes, and teen angst-- which are unlike any sitcom in the past that focuses on a family. How does Ozzy define a family? In "Dinner With Ozzy", he says that "he doesn't know the definition of a "normal" family, because he is so used to his lifestyle that he doesn't know anything else. He explains that he always encourages honesty because he had to endure so much secrecy growing up. However, his blue collar background also gave him an appreciation for hard work, so he tries to do enough of his own chores as he can" (www.tvtome.com). The permissive parenting style of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne has led to destructive behavior in their children and ultimately the breakdown of the American family and the values it is based on. The loose approach that Kelly and Jack's parents have taken has resulted in detrimental effects, in the form of Jack's drug and alcohol abuse and in the constant profanity used throughout the taping of the show.Leading by example and teaching your children right from wrong are important values that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne do not practice. It is imperative that children learn the difference between right and wrong at an early age. Parents must think long and hard about the morals they instill in their children. Hatred is not a family value. Parents must teach their children to love and respect people of all walks of life--from race to religion to sexual orientation to education level to class level. With this respect should come the knowledge that it is not okay to commit acts of violence against another person, or commit other violations that abuse love and respect. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne do not teach their children right from wrong. In "Won't You Be My Neighbor," the Osbourne family becomes very annoyed by their neighbor's late night partying; instead of handling the situation by calling the police, Sharon throws a ham and bagels over their fence. The neighbors call the police, but later that night Ozzy becomes provoked by the loud noise and throws a log through his neighbor's window (www.tvtome.com). These disorderly acts against the neighbors display to Kelly and Jack that it is okay to behave in such a manner. This is evident in another episode where the neighbors are playing tennis at all hours of the day and night. Jack becomes infuriated and tries playing his drums outside. However, nothing seems to...

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