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The Other Aspects Of Gm Crops

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Topic: GM Crops - the road to disaster?The Other Aspects of GM CropsWhile there are many people in Europe agree with biotechnology as well as genetically modified crops, there is also a considerable number of people are disagree and see many unknown dangers from them (George Gaskell). In fact, GM crops can afford the demand of many people on the globe which is increasing rapidly and they still have some other aspects such as the toxicity, having bad influences on other species, birds and insects. In this essay, I will show more detail about the genetically modified (GM) crops' disadvantages and then make a conclusion.Firstly, it is not sure that all of genetically modified foods are safety and have high nutritional value. Some of them which can be increased toxicity and decreased the nutritional value are potential risks to the human health and society. It means that inserting an exotic gene into plants can make them produce toxins which are dangerous to humans. Besides that, GM foods sometimes have lower quality than conventional. For instance, inserting a gene can make seed produce higher levels of phytate and decrease the mineral nutritional value of the plant (GEO-PIE).Secondly, genes can migrate to modify other species. It means that GM crops may be harmful to other beneficial organisms. There is a little research related this problem and one of them may has good responsible than others is performed at Cornell University. They pointed out that a gene contain within Bt corn can be harmful to the larvae of a monarch butterfly when windblown onto milkweed leaves. At least, this research claims that the effect of Bt corn when genetically modified in the corn is less damaging to non-target insects than spraying pesticides (Colorado State).Thirdly, GM crops are potentially harmful to birds and insects. Using GM crops may cause insects' resistance to pesticides or herbicides. Some research suggests that birds and insects could possibly...

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