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I was watching Fast n’ Furious Six with my best friend. We are a part of Scotland Yard, Her Majesty’s finest men and women. I had an investigation to do, but we needed a break. The investigation was at a dead end and we needed new ideas and taking a break was the best thing we could think of. The credits had finished and the TV was a solid black

My best friend looked over to me and broke the silence. “Hey, did you know that Paul Walker and Vin Diesel were best friends, in the movie and in real life? Yeah, when Walker died, Vin Diesel flew to straight his family to spend time with them, thinking they needed his strength but he broke down in front of them and Walker’s mom said ‘Sorry.’ ...view middle of the document...

Investigator Niall Borreli and I, Senior Investigator Simon Riley, were assigned to the case. Even with the deliberate clues left behind by the murderer it was hard to find out who it was. The stupefying part was the murders were within 3 hours, in 3 different cities; Glasgow, Edinburgh and Hamilton. In some of the few areas blind to CCTV . Borrelli stormed back towards our office.
Borrelli and I go all the way back to high school. We joined Scotland Yard together, went through training together and got assigned to the same division. He doesn’t even need to say a word and I would already know what he was saying, but this investigation was pulling us apart. Our theories contradicted, it was normal in situations like this. Although it’s has got to a point where he doesn’t even respect my opinion enough to listen. It was hard, but I knew I needed to get this investigation done because it was tearing us apart.

I walked through the door, turned around and forcefully closed the door. “Niall, listen to me. “ I said “ I’m not going to shove my theory down your throat, but hear me out. We may need to lay this out 1950s style. You know, the board, the yarn the whole nine yards.”

Niall chuckled, and agreed “Alright, I’ll get Carl in supply to lend us some stuff, you get Clark in photography for the crime scene pictures. We’ll do this L.A Noire style.” I obliged and met Niall back at the office and I found that he’d already cleared my pictures from the wall to put up the board. Hours of tedious set-up later pursued before everything was up. There was a map of the United Kingdom in the upper left corner of the wall, with red yarn around Glasgow, Edinburgh and Hamilton, all leading towards the center where a picture of a question mark was. Classic touch.

We spend the next few hours discussing theories, before it suddenly clicked. “Wait” I stuttered. “How long does it take to get from Hamilton to Glasgow to Edinburgh.”Hour, 45 minutes at best with no stops, minimal traffic and without being pulled over.” I mulled it over in my mind.

“Let’s plause that the killings take a minute at least.” I suggest “Even then, going from Hamilton to Glasgow then to Edinburgh with 3 different victims killed is outright impossible. What if he called over 3 friends, killed them put them in the bed of a truck and dump them in different cities? He’s hard to pull off, but possible. Have we gotten backgrounds on the victims yet?” I asked.

“I don’t think s-” Niall answer, but before he could finish, the office phone rung and Niall jumped off the desk to answer it. “Hello?” He asked, “Hmmm. Alright... I understand.” Niall put back the phone turned towards me and said “ New evidence, they are faxing the pictures over. The Hamilton and Edinburgh bodies both has Cuban cigars stamped out next to the bodies and the Glasgow one with a ash over his body.

The printer behind me buzzed alive. 3 different pictures with highlighted areas on them. I grabbed them...

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