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The Other: Simone De Beauvoir´S Philosophy

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Simone de Beauvoir write about women being ‘the Other’. The Other is identified as a conceptualizing what is being defined, as different from oneself. It refers to that which is different from the first concept, and is identified by its difference. It has no original definition on its own, it is defined by its difference to another, original concept. Othering creates mental boundaries, stigmas, and dehumanizing thought patterns. Simone argues that this is the fate of femininity. To be female, you become the Other to males. Females seem to be defined only by the difference they bring to mankind. She writes that females and males are intertwined in a necessary partnership, but it is the ...view middle of the document...

She writes that they are isolated from one another, and also submissive for purposes of adaptation and gain within their social structures. It is beneficial to a slave to stay in slavery rather than starve. She argues that this struggle against femininity is unique and incomparable because the division is so distinct, so dependent on one another, and has such a lengthy history. Some women may even be pleased in their role in a slave-master relationship, since systemically, their abilities to sustain their own economic interests may be difficult. Also, it helps less successful men feel proud of their accomplishments when a woman is reliant on them, or cannot succeed like him. Some solutions she purposes include women living on their own to insure they are able to write their own life’s narrative, and not fall victim to defining herself by another man or his lifestyle or choices. She insists women should educate themselves, and learn how to economically be independent and free to make their own decisions. She think women should be mindful not to be intimidated by violence, false idols, or ideas driven by men in their lives. She thinks women should see themselves as independent humans and try to create their own destinies.

Sartre believed that existence comes before essence. This means that a person, or their humanity, did not exist before experiencing the world. This theory suggests that we all have free will, and are not determined by a pre-existing definition of self. He argues that we each make decisions and become responsible to transform our own lives. He argues that we are condemned with this freedom; God, or any benevolent...

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