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Stephanie RamirezAugust 20, 2014Summer Reading Assignment: The Other Wes MooreAfter finishing "The Other Wes Moore" by Wes Moore, I believe that we are simply products of our environments. It is consequentially inevitable to say otherwise. The numerous examples he presented throughout his "New York Times Best Seller" are nothing but proof of this statement. Within both the "author" Wes Moore and the "other" Wes Moore's lives, there were clear transitions made where their environments changed, saving one and destroying the other one's life. "The chilling truth is that his story could have been mine. The tragedy is that my story could have been his." This quote said by the "author" Wes Moore is the truthfully all because of the environments that as a result shaped their entire lives.As the book opens up, the reader learns that both Wes Moore's begin the first years of their lives rather on roughly. They both don't have a father, for different purposes, and are exposed to the violence and crime that has become Baltimore where they were growing up. Examining the book closely, the real escape that the "author" Wes Moore had in his life for a better future was the determination from his mother. She did not want her son to be surrounded by all the bad influences around him that could and essentially would have corrupted him to the point they did to the "other" Wes Moore. The move from Baltimore from the Bronx was not what saved Wes Moore, but in fact it was his mother single handedly who took the initiative to threaten her son all the way to military school. The Bronx would not have saved him alone because it turned out that violence and crime had crept into what once a close knit community over the years. Therefore, if his mother had allowed him to continue his education in the Bronx, despite whether he attended private school, Wes could have turned out to be as close to unsuccessful as the "other" Wes Moore turned out to be.The "other" Wes Moore had a period in his life when he realized that the drug game was getting rather old. He found the courage and motivation to pursue his GED and get involved in things that would benefit him in the long run as opposed to the street life. As a result of his crime history, it was not an easy journey to get a good job and he began to feel temptation to return to his old ways for easy money. It did not take long for Wes to be seen back on the streets doing drug deals and robbing banks, he had let himself fall apart when he for once in his life was getting it together. Although he had moved several times, it was all within the Baltimore area, surrounded by the same type of game he grew up with. Overall, his weakness and temptation got the best of him and led him down the wrong path once again; however, this time...

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