The Out Of Sight Transformation Essay

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The Out of Sight Transformation

Travel has always been associated with relaxation and enjoyment. People travel to explore new or revisit favorite places. The idea that travel could also be a conduit for self growth and awareness,as discussed in the article Transformative Travel,is a very new concept but old tradition. Various religious groups send people across the world as missionaries. Missionary work was identified as a group involvement. everyone on the mission fulfilled the same purpose. Transformative travel is a combination of mission work and travel of leisure except it is based on an individual's personal goal.
Susan Ross,the author of the article Transformative Travel, assembles the transformative traveler into six distinct categories. The categories are pilgrims (traditional and goddess), mystic travelers, diaspora sojourners,individuals who initiates participating in travel as a rite of passage, secular travelers seeking healing and personal growth, and learners intending to gain consciousness through knowledge. Susan Ross states " Transformative travel involves two main concepts: transformation and travel".

Different disciplines define personal transformation in
various ways depending on contexts, world views, and
purposes. (2010)

Transformative travel is not one dimensional ,it is a multifaceted . The traveler's experience must meet a certain criteria to be considered transformational. The data from research and studies have allowed specific trends to be identified as true transformation experiences.

In a review of literature, however, there emerged trends
in the types of travel where intentionality, conscious choice
to evolve, and transformation were evidenced or implied. (2010)

The specific types of travel that are considered 'transformational worthy" are :rites of passage, study abroad, heritage travel, pilgrimage, adventure/challenge, service learning, healing or therapy, and spiritual travel.
In the book, The Sparrow, a motley crew of intellects prepare for a life...

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