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Parents aspire to raise successful children, but how do they accomplish this? Carol Lloyd the executive editor of Great Schools and mother of two children explained “Nearly 50 years of research have found that some parenting styles are more effective than others and show far better outcomes for children”. Carol Lloyd has used strict parenting style with her daughter and has a good effect. Carol Lloyd uses the parenting style known as authoritative .In the article “How My Illiterate Grandmother Raised an Educated Black Man” Terrell Jermaine Starr’s explains how his grandmother raised him to have a successful career by been strict but loving. Starr’s Grandmother shows the characteristics ...view middle of the document...

Children that are raised by authoritarian parents need self-discipline. These children need self-discipline because this is a way to have a successful life. Self discipline is know the ability to control ones feelings and to overcome any obstacles that any person has in their life. In life everyone has to overcome obstacles, but for children that are raised by authoritarian parents might not be able to overcome this obstacles because their parents never allowed them to experience anything in their life. For instance, Tanya has never had a boyfriend in her life because her parents never approved of her having a boyfriend. When she went on in her life and attended college she had he first boyfriend, she thought everything was going good in their relationship until her boyfriend cheated on her. After she found out that he cheated she struggled so much in trying to overcome an obstacle in her love life. Tanya had to even go to a therapist in other for her to overcome this harsh experience.
Nevertheless, Authoritarian parents do not allow their children to explore outside of their usual surroundings, which causes for these children to be undisciplined. The authoritarian parenting style causes children to not be independent and by not being independent children do not know their own limits and standards. For example, authoritarian parents raise my neighbor’s daughter because I always hear how they talk to her and how they treat her. Karina the neighbor’s daughter has never been able to go out unless someone is with her. One day I invited her to my birthday party because I liked her and she was really nice. She was not allowed to go to my party because her parents were really strict. Afterwards she called me without her parents noticing and said sorry for not coming and she said that her parents never let her be independent or go outside of her house I felt really bad when she told me this. Children raised by authoritarian parents develop in different ways than children from authoritative parents. Authoritarian parents feel that they are the chiefs of the house; everything they say should be followed. For instance, Maria is an ordinary child and she is playing outside with her friends and she has only been there for like twenty minutes her father or mother will call her in because she has to do chores. Maria knows rapidly that she has to listen to her parents because she was taught to not be disobedient to her parents, so she goes inside whether she wants to or not. Basically authoritarian children should conform to the demands of their parents without asking any questions because they will get a punishment. Some results of these types of parenting style in children’s developments are that children do not think on their own they often become socially, resentful, frustrated, and have a low self-esteem. According to Kendra cherry “authoritarian parenting style generally lead to children who are obedient and proficient, but they rank lower in...

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