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The Outliers Report

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The cutoff date for hockey teams in Canada is January first. This shows how opportunity can affect almost everything, when you are six and you are born in January, and there is another kid trying out for hockey as well and they are born near the end of the year for example in December you would be almost a whole year ahead of the other kid in growth and skills and when you are that young one year is a big difference. you make the A team and the other kid makes the B team and you are given better coaches, facilities, and competition and over the years being born at the end of the year shows a lot more than before and you will make the proffesional team and the other kid that started out a little small thinks that he was never any good at hockey. Most of the billionares were born in the United States between the years of 1831-1840. This was again an example of opportunity, when these kids grew up they were ready to take advantage of their situation at the right time. In the 1860’s and 1870’s the United States economy went through a very big transformation. If these kids were born in the late 1840’s they would’ve been too young to take advantage and if you were born in the 1820’s you would’ve been too old. Another example of oppurtunity is the dawn of the pc’s, you had to be the right age in 1975. The perfect years were 1954 and 1955. Bill Gates was born in 1955 and most of the other big names at Microsoft were born near the dates and Steve Jobs was born in 1956.
Chris Langan is a Geniuses with an IQ 45 points higher than Einstein. Though as he says in a game show, “‘To have a high IQ, you tend to specialize, think deep thoughts.’” (Gladwell- 70). Lewis Terman, a professor of psychology, tested 250,000 elementary and high school students IQ and identified 1,470 kids whose IQ’s ranged from 140-200. He watched these “termites” untill their adulthood. 150 (20%) were truly successful, 60% were normal, and the bottom 150 were struggling. People with an IQ below 70 are considered mentally disabled, 100 is average, and 115 to succeed in college. The higher your IQ, you will generally recieve more education, make more money, and have a longer life. Although once your IQ is past 120 having a higher IQ doesn’t seem to have any difference.

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