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The Outreaching Christian Mission In Let The Nations Be Glad! By John Piper

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In the realm of outreaching Christian mission, there is a voice who is talking an intelligible message. In Let the Nations Be Glad!, John Piper makes a superb showing task of treating a few significant points identified with missions and the explanation behind missions in today's self-serving, postmodern world. He tackles head on with numerous diverse incorrect musings and convictions identified with missions and he gives a brief scriptural reply to each of them. In every one, he explains why missions have either floundered or succeeded. Piper exhibits a perfection in missions which has the glory of God as its preeminent, larger purpose.
One of the main aims of Piper is that missionaries are not to become casualties in the battle to enlarge the Kingdom of God because of poor understanding or false impression of the purposes of God. Piper makes a point to let us know that God is the ultimate passion and the objective for world missions. Piper leaves us to reason that assuming that we do not have God Himself as our center, we will debase into lesser things, will lose the power He has given us as His witnesses, get disheartened and lose the battle of confidence in building the royal family of the Kingdom.
John Piper likewise shows to his followers clear consistent with the Scriptures proofs for mission and provides for us the element of New Testament missionary victory. Mission is appointed by God; it is His desire to reach the peoples with the Word of His deliverance; we are called as the head members in His mission to disciple the nations. Piper's book presents to us that God has provided for us in full the triumph in mission. That success is dependent upon us to "go" with the correct motive, focus and want desiring to witness both God glorified and to witness individuals spared from the wrath to come and, with the aide of the Holy Spirit, to hold these two in a legitimate element pressure.
I was convicted by John Piper's heartfelt passion to mission. I was additionally extremely empowered by his study and clear presentation of the subjects. The best possible perspective of missions must incorporate selfless love, earnest prayer to God and afflictions. Worship of the God of the Bible is the ultimate aim of missions, not missions in themselves. A definitive objective of love is God Himself and nothing else, despite the fact that we may do so with a genuine state of mind in order to be blessed by Him. Prayer must be the means by which the work is progressed for without it the Word which we boldly preach will need anointing and additionally fail to offer the force in our lives to model what we preach Ultimately, languishing over the will of God will demonstrate the adequacy of our message for no other religion preaches that such a gentle, modest Savior and calls for their kingdom laborers to model that torment before the world. We demonstrate the worth of our God by the way and amount of we are readily, even happily ready to surrender...

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