The External Factors Of Truck Manufacturer In Eu And Usa Over The Next Decade

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MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management"The external factors of truck manufacturer in EU and USA over the next decade"Lecturer: Professor Alan McKinnonStudent Reg/No: 081448766The word count: 2108Table of contentExecutive summary1. Introduction2. Emerging trends, challenges3. Narrowing the trends and challenges3.1 PEST analysis in EU and USA auto market3.2 SWOT analysis - internal sector analysis4. Challenges of auto industry logistical system5. Findings from the studyConclusionReferencesList of FiguresFigure 1: PEST analyses on EU and USA truck logistics industryFigure 2: The Supply Chain CostFigure 3: SWOT analyses in auto manufacturing industryFigure 4: Challenges to meeting The Supply Chain ObjectivesFigure 5: Scenarios of EU transport and logistics sector in 2017Figure 6: Gaining profit in logistics strategically perspectiveEXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis case study has outlined 'The external factors of truck manufacturer over the next decade' using related methods and analysis.As the emerging trends and challenges are outlined by many authors and has been in the interest of logistics research, this study has focused on the auto industry, using SWOT and PEST analysis as a filter of summary of all the trends and challenges. Auto industry has a relative long lifecycle, huge dependence of long term external environment, trends and dependence on infrastructural development.In the fist part of this report, the introduction of the company followed external factors of, with recent challenges of logistics sections. Second part, external and internal analysis, third PEST and SWOT are explained and made with the possible predictions and ways to overcome the challenges used to determine current challenges in Logistics with future foreseen points, where PEST and SWOT analysis has made in EU and USA truck industry based on current and general economical strength cases. As external influences will directly depend on the location, some data processing has made by both USA and EU cases, such as PEST analyses.And the conclusion part with the relation of external factors and total cost.In this work, the definition of logistics is used as the process of strategically managing the movement and storage of materials, parts and finished inventory from suppliers, through the firm and on to customers. (Christopher, 2005)However, the report has tried to address current economical crisis, and finding the effect on logistics and total cost, agreeing the state of Lambert and Stock (2000) Intensive use of literature and up to date information can maintain real knowledge about the topic.1. IntroductionIt is always a step forward to make external factors analysis and to try to set the long term strategy of organization, especially in this changing, and "unknown" economy, the economy, which might cause any problem anytime, and can cause ending, as market data and statistics has high fluctuation. Published by (Website Africa's daily news) current economy is...

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