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"The Outsiders" And How Alienation From One's Family And Society Can Result In The Downfall Of An Individual. In 637 Words

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Alienation from one's family and society can result in the downfall of an individual because without the loving support of them, that person may become emotionally unstable. Some people don't realize how important family and friends are. Without them you may not be able to have a good life. When Johnny found out he was an orphan, he lost it. He ran away form home and joined a gang and began to steal. He mugged white people and turned into a juvenile delinquent. This shows how fast even then nicest kids can change by losing their family and by being alienated.Once Johnny was separated from his family and friends, he became a juvenile delinquent and stole candy. After he lost his parents and brothers and sisters, he ran away, not knowing what to do, he picked a lock off a candy stand, then took the candy and stuffed it into his pockets. As you can tell, Johnny never stole anything before because he used to be the "smart boy, good-goody" kid. Now Johnny is more of a "Gangster Fighting" kid who is the leader of a gang called The Moochers.After being alienated from his family, Johnny didn't know what to do. Johnny was just fifteen years old; he was doing well in school, he loved his family and had respect for almost everyone. When Johnny comes home, he finds all of his things packed. Johnny asked his mother "Ma, what's the matter." (Wright) His mother told him the truth "Johnny you are leaving us tonight." (Wright) She told him how he was adopted as a baby and that the "city people" were now taking him to a new home. Johnny went hysterical and didn't know what to do, so he ran away. Johnny ran to Billy, his best friend, and Billy decided he would take him to an orphan gang. When Johnny got...

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