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The Over Dramatization Of Journalism Essay

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Hollywood is notorious for over-dramatizing events in any profession. Journalism is no exception. It is actually ironic when you think about it: one segment of the media making another look good, or worse, as it sees fit.Journalism is notorious for its alleged bias toward one side or the other of the political, financial or social world, and many people complain about it not being fair.Well, in the movies, fairness is brought to bear on the journalism profession, and sometimes it isn't pretty. The world of the journalist has metamorphosed along with the world of the filmmaker, and they have covered each other ever since they could.Beat journalists covering Hollywood and entertainment, and movies that depict journalists as main characters continue the back-and-forth relationship that has defined the two media since their relationship was born.In this paper, I am analyzing the differences not only in the characters that are depicted in movies that cover the world of the journalist, but also the way those journalists are presented to the public.The four films that I viewed to get a picture of how Hollywood sees journalists cover the spectrum of journalism.The traditional print media is thoroughly covered through its heyday during the Watergate scandal, when reporters were viewed as a type of hero, in All the President's Men.Also along the print journalist line is Ron Howard's The Paper, a modern-day drama about real-life in a newsroom, and the difficulties faced by today's newspaper industry. It deals with professional as well as moral issues.Moving on to today's more visible arena of journalism, the television "talking heads" as I like to call them, I watched Broadcast News. The film details the pitfalls and the ultra-competitive nature of a modern tele-journalist's life.Finally, I watched He Said, She Said, which deals with the everyday dynamics of a reporter's life. The different perceptions that people have, whether they be male or female, conservative or liberal, married or single, this movie deals with the way people deal with each other in a news environment.While watching all these movies, I realized just how complex a profession I am getting myself into. This isn't just reporting events, you are making public another person's life. Most often, as is the nature of what makes news interesting, what you make public is not always the most endearing side of an individual, and that is what makes our profession such a quandary: What do I print? What is news and what is private? Perhaps those are rookie questions to ask, but they are questions none the less, and in each of the movies that I watched, those questions were raised. If not those questions specifically, then ones about a reporter's moral fiber and what they are willing to sacrifice in order to get a story.In All the President's Men, the discovery of the infamous mother of all scandals, the Watergate break in, was dramatized.The movie starred Robert Redford as Bob Woodward and Dustin...

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