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The Overall Impact Of Parental Involvement On Children’s Academic Engagement, Motivation, And Success

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Parents play a major role in the developmental growth of children as they are their primary caregivers. The parent-child relationship is most poignant as children view their parents as being the most significant role models in their lives. Parental involvement is essential in developing children that are academically motivated, engaged, and willing to succeed. The following research paper will thoroughly analyze and explain the following; different parenting types, the influence of family dynamics such as parents educational attainment, socioeconomic status, variations among ethnic groups, etc.
The manner in which students perceive parental engagement predicts behavioral, academic, and relational outcomes. Students whose parents had higher expectations about grades and achievement attained higher overall scores and were regarded as more academically engaged by their professors. Parental engagement is significantly beneficial to all students, although those with low achieving grades benefit most as they are prone to experience disappointment. Although parents can contribute in several ways, it is essential to recognize that some types of parental involvement are more commonly associated with positive educational outcomes. The following types of parental involvement are associated with positive academic and social outcomes such as; parental interest in academically related activities such as monitoring their children’s homework, parental support, and parental expectations of appropriate levels of achievement. Parents can teach their children about appropriate behaviors and attitudes through behavioral reinforcement, by taking interest in their schooling, and by offering educational activities in the home (Chen & Gregory, 2009). For example, students that received positive reinforcements for their good grades reported experiencing heightened care from their professors. Also, parental involvement in terms of assisting children with their homework was beneficial when students were academically engaged (Steinberg et al, as cited in Chen & Gregory, 2009). Parental involvement also affects relational outcomes, as communication between the parent and the child regarding school occurrences was associated with a more positive relationship between students and their teachers (Lee, as cited in Chen & Gregory, 2009). Lastly, the perceptions that students had of their parents’ expectations and level of achievement influenced their school-related outcome. For example, they were more likely to have higher grade point averages and to have increased levels of classroom engagement. A plausible explanation may be that students internalize their parents’ expectations and thus experience a strong aspiration to excel in school (Chen & Gregory, 2009). Overall, it is pivotal that parents use appropriate parenting styles to ensure that their children are receiving the upmost benefits to their educational engagement and success.
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