The Overlooked War: Kosoco War Essay

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The history of technology is the cases of human beings’ ability to manipulate nature. The stories tell of ancient cavemen using axes and lead up to the creation of nuclear bombs. These inventions and innovations are incredible to think about what humans can create and use over nature and other people. The advances in technology come with a price though. It creates the idea of being in control, of not only one’s self, but of others as well. It creates a temptation of imperialism. Imperialism has been in history of as long as time can tell but what makes it expand or conquer these peoples is the technology. Technology is never properly or evenly distributed it and that’s what gives the conquering people the advantage in a majority of times (Headrick). Sometimes the opposite happens, the technology gained is still not enough for the oppressed people; they continue fighting or the environment and nature is on their side. But regardless, the idea of imperialism and technology coincidently go hand in hand. “Although no technology forces people to use it, any new form of power over nature creates a powerful temptation to do so” (Headrick). This want to advance further in technology is something that everyone wants, so that they can be conquers not the conquered. One example of the oppressed and the oppressed is the Kosovo War of 1999. This war was categorized as the “Good War”, the war that showed the kindness and the humanitarian desires from the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The history of the Kosovo War, involvement of NATO, and the technology are major contributions to the end result of the war. The technology used in the Serbian war is exactly as discussed, the temptation of power over people. Realistically, the United States and NATO just helped one side of a war in another country conquer the other.
The history of the Kosovo war started well before the war. Kosovo was a province with in the Republic of Serbia, left from communistic country, Yugoslavia. The majority of the population there was Albanian, leaving the Serbians as a minority of ten to fifteen percent in population. These...

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