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Gasoline powered cars are everywhere, with 800 million of them in 2008 (Seamans), it would be hard for the civilized world to give the car up for an alternative mode of transportation. The internal combustion engine vehicle (ICEV) provides transportation to millions everyday, someday though the petroleum supplies will run dry and an alternative will need to be found. If we as a society wait until that day to find the alternative, said alternative will be costly and probably inefficient. Electric cars have skulked in the shadows, neglected and abused, but soon that all will change.
Electric car was first invented in 1834 by Thomas Davenport (Helmers), though not a practical mode of transportation at the time, it was a small-scale model that drove around a homemade track. The car was powered by the first DC electric motor. The electric car was shunted to the background when Henry Ford mistakenly chose the internal combustion engine vehicle over the battery electric vehicle to put into mass production. At the time of the model A being put into production, three quarters of all cars on the road were rightfully electric.
It is estimated that four million years of life are lost every year in the European Union alone due to the high pollution levels cause by conventional petroleum powered vehicles. This is because twenty-five percent of the EU population live within five hundred meters of a motorway carrying in excess of three million cars each year. (Helmers) These health problems need to be addressed as health care costs are becoming more expensive each year.
Each year an increasing number of cars are being produced, and due to new materials and manufacturing techniques these new cars are lasting longer than ever before leading to more cars on the road, burning more petroleum each year. These new cars are also getting bigger, negating the effects of the greater efficiency found in modern engines. The average vehicle weighs one thousand pounds more today than in 1985 and the horsepower has doubled (Seamans). Due to the increasing number of cars on the road and the ever steady fuel efficiency of these vehicles, twenty five percent of all petroleum ever consumed has been burned between 1998 and 2008, when the data was collected (Seamans). The earths petroleum reserves are, sadly, not endless; corn ethanol is not a viable alternative as nearly all food products have some corn related product hidden within.
The electric car can solve all of these problems, and many more that we, as a society, have yet to stumble upon yet. The electric car does not need to rely on petroleum products, so in a world when either the petroleum price has been driven beyond...

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