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The Pachuco From Mexico To United States

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In the 1940's the pachuco subculture emerged within the urban youths of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. These pachucos were deterritorialized from Mexico and the United States. While the United States wasn't fully assimilating the pachuco subculture, Mexico was trying to distance themselves from the subculture. This formation of the cross-border subculture helped create the pachuco as a manner and persona. The pachuco was also known to many on both sides of the border due to Mexican comedian and film actor Germán Valdéz who created played a pachuco character Tin Tan in films.
I will analyze Javier Durán’s “Nation and Translation: The “Pachuco” in Mexican Popular Culture: Germán Valdéz’s ...view middle of the document...

Duran also implies that in addition to laws of language with caló and pochismos, the pachuco's codified language of the body and codified language of space should reflect off of each other for the pachuco to survive. The pachuco has to become the body and space to culturally survive. The pachuco must dress, look, act and perform accordingly to the strategies of survival. Mimicry and camouflage that Durán discusses can be interpreted as being seen but not completely, or being known but not fully understood. When the pachuco is seen or known there is the ability to be identifiable in society.
The Tin Tan character was the first pachuco phenomenon which had an impact in Mexican popular culture which eventually traveled to the United States. “Tin Tan's pochismo is precisely the element that places his pachuco character outside the nation, on the border.” (Durán 44). Tin Tan was a humorous stereotypical pachuco who portrayed all the traits of a real pachuco in all forms such as a persona, style, dress and slang. Tin Tan was translated and accepted by many young youths as a way out rebelling against the norm. As many youths growing up, they struggle to find their identity. They try to establish themselves by searching and experimenting new things which in this case is the pachuco lifestyle. Javier Durán's article expresses the impact of Tin Tan in the pachuco subculture lifestyle stemming from Mexico:
“Monsiviis argues that Tin Tan is a model of a transbordered subject ("sujeto transfronterizo"), one whose pachuco traits and demeanor irritate and offend the Mexican cultural establishment. According to Monsivais, the "dandyism" of the pachuco is an aesthetic that contains its own ethics. It is also a statement of defiance, one that anticipates the creation of a counter identity at, and of "the border," a border identity...”
(Durán 42).
In this excerpt, Javier Durán describes Carlos Monsiváis'...

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