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Many hikers make the rigorous journey of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail also known as (PCT). Beginning in southern California at the Mexican border, the Pacific Crest Trail travels a total distance of 2,650 miles through California, Oregon, and Washington until reaching the Canadian border (Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail). Clinton Clarke and Warren Rogers were the first to hike the PCT in the 1930’s (pcta). The PCT can be accessed through several major cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland and Seattle (pcta). When tackling this trail there are several factors that should be considered before the big hike.
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Safety pins, needle and thread, and duct tape should also be carried as useful repairing items.
Along with that there are other equally important concerns to include while making the PCT hike like nutrition, hydration, and emergency shelter. The food should require no cooking, and be easily digestible. In case of coarse weather, defective navigation, injury, or other reasons that may postpone the planned arrival, carrying an extra food supply would be necessary to keep the body nurtured during these harsh circumstances. On most of the PCT, you are required to properly protect your food. When protecting your food the goal is to protect the wildlife from human food as opposed to protecting the human food from the wildlife. If an animal gets into a food pack it can accidently eat the plastic which would be harmful or fatal to the animal.
There are long water-less stretches on the PCT and sometimes, you will travel around 30 miles between water (pcta). Carry plenty of water because after long periods of hiking the body can become very dehydrated. Having the proper tools and skills to purify water is a plus for times when the water supply is low or empty. Two quarts ,liters, should be consumed daily as a reasonable minimum; in hot weather or at high altitudes, 6 quarts may not be enough so plan for enough water to accommodate additional necessities due to heat, cold, altitude, exertion, or emergency (pcta). For shelter a tent, tarp, or garbage bag should be carried along the hike for protection from the rain, wind, and animals. A reflective emergency blanket is another handy item to bring is for it can be used in first aid to an injured person.
After retrieving all of the proper gear and equipment, the next step would be to plan for the perfect time to actually start hiking. Hiking the...

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