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The Pacific North West Essay

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Throughout the history for control over the Pacific Northwest many battles were fought. We found the ancestors of our families to be taken by surprise of the many actions we took. Many different tribes had established long lasting communities in the 18th century. Such as the Chinook, Salish and Nez Perce etc. The land was spread throughout the cascades through the Rocky Mountains. Years of torment and battle began from the Spanish and British explorers looking for the land. They searched for what they could not find at home, most of them having no idea what to expect when they arrived. In 1792, Captain George Vancouver was the first explorer to sail the waters of Puget Sound, claiming ...view middle of the document...

Spaniards sailed to the Northwest searching for minerals, however little gold and silver were found, and Spain soon gave up its claim. Also noted that Russia only had minor roles in the early exploration of the Pacific Northwest due to the policy of expanding their control. Russia established fur trapping and trading post in Alaska and had its strongest influence there.
Many of the first settlers saw the North West as a land of many different opportunities they could use. In 1824 the Hudson’s Bay Company was established. This opened the door to waves of settlers but had a devastating impact on the indigenous cultures. This served as a major threat to the Natives. Throughout the battle of control of the land many new things had been built and established. In 1843 settlers on the Willamette River of South Portland, voted to organized a provisional government independent of the Hudson’s bay company, meaning they were to become part of the United States. For over twelve years some 50,000 settlers came to the Northwest from the Oregon Trail. Arrival of many different inventions helped to pave the way for the United States to take over. Such as the railroads, agriculture and lumber became the entire structure of the economy until the early 19 hundreds. As soon as the Panama Canal and WW1 started the traffic...

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