The Letter Sent By Elwin Leppi

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The Letter "I have escaped and need help. I am at the Christmas location. You understand. No need to risk address here. My safety depends on you coming at once. Your best friend, Elwin Leper Lepellier. The letter at the end of chapter nine presents provocative and unexpected new events in this novel. Let's first understand where Leper is coming from. He had enlisted in the Army a few months earlier and was just sent off to the war. Recruiting agents that had come to Devon campus right after the time of Finny's broken leg and had recruited him. Finny had always felt that the war was highly implausible, a fluke organized by little fat men. Gene also felt skeptical about the war but only because the thought of it not being real was brought up by Finny. Next, we consider the relationship between the various boys at the time. We know Finny was recovering from having broken his leg and that he desperately needed Gene to be there for him. The Winter Carnival had just occurred, which created a little bit of relief from the rush of events. This experience brought Gene and Finny closer, which once again proved to be treacherous for their well being.The letter is pivotal because it comes right at the rise in Gene and Phineas relationship. Finny hadn't realized yet what actually transpired when the incident at the tree occurred and Gene was at one of his sanest levels. As we have seen, it was usually Gene who ruined the friendship or wounded it. As the story unfolds, we learn to expect that whenever there is a rise in the emotional closeness or physical state of friendship between the two it will end in a downward spiral.To understand the letter, let's look at the basic structure of the letter and what Leper was actually trying to say at the time. Hopefully, by doing this we can grasp the emotional and physical state Leper was in and why the letter seemed like such a shocking cliffhanger.Why did Leper made such decisions in trying to explain his dilemma? One of his first interesting style choices was his use of short, punchy sentences. This probably wasn't a letter. It reads like a telegram where you pay by the word....

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1098 words - 4 pages burden of his secret sin. Within the first couple of chapters of the Scarlet Letter, not only is Mr. Dimmesdale seen as a wise, self-confident young minister that is trusted by all of the townspeople, but also a living saint or angel who has been sent by God. The reverend spoke to his congregation in Salem with great authority and gave the best sermons anyone had ever heard. On the day Hester was released from jail after the town discovered she

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1023 words - 4 pages , and realistic dialogue make this fictional novel more realistic. The symbolic representation of the scarlet letter, Pearl, and the settings along with the morals taught by the stories of the characters make the novel more insightful, symbolic, and allegorical. These aspects of The Scarlet Letter make the novel a brilliant combination of the literary devices of Realism, symbolism, and allegory, and fill the novel with profundity, suspense, romance, and tragedy.

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2096 words - 8 pages the desert metaphor indicates, Hester’s solitude, contributed by an excess of exposure to Nature’s freedoms unavoidably “teaches her much amiss" (203). Such isolation caused by Nature leads Hester to neglect the morals set by society, and entices her to sin anew. For example, Hester, when she meets with Dimmesdale in the forest, is driven to rip the scarlet letter “A” off her chest, and toss it "among the withered leaves" (198). With this action

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