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The Pain Of Being A Woman

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Still to this day women struggle. It’s a part of life. In Khaled Hosseini's novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns, two young girls; Mariam and Laila live out unbearable lives as woman in Afghanistan. Women are often viewed as vulnerable, weak, and occasionally worthless. This is all perfectly shown by Mariam’s story. She grew up with a mother who told her she was a huge mistake and her little harami, meaning bastard. Not only did she live in a house where she was constantly put down, she also lived without a father. Her father would visit once a week sharing stories with Mariam and telling her that Nana, her mother, is wrong and constantly lies. Mariam was constantly fed lies by her mother. Once ...view middle of the document...

Being married to a man who was around thirty years older than Mariam was not the worst issue she faced. Rasheed turned out to be an emotionally and physically abusive husband. Rasheed would beat her over little things that drove him crazy. Mariam slaved in the house to make things perfect for Rasheed, hoping he would not hurt her that day. Of course Rasheed became angry anyway. Nothing she did could please him after having multiple miscarriages even before. Rasheed stated: “You know nothing, do you? You’re like a child. Your brain is empty. There is no information in it” (Hosseini, 2007, p. 89). Before the Taliban takes over, Rasheed gets frustrated with how little Mariam knows. She was deprived education because of her mother and it was frowned upon for women to go and get an education.
The lives of Afghan women managed to get a lot more miserable, especially for Mariam and Laila now that the Taliban has taken over. As if being abused by their husband, Rasheed was not enough, Mariam and Laila find out what it is like to be beaten by the Taliban. Before the Taliban, women were allowed to go outdoors without their husbands. With the Taliban in place, women’s lives became less special. They are not to go outside without a male relative, they must wear a burqa, they are not allowed to laugh in public, or even speak unless they are spoken too. “If you are caught alone on the street, you will be beaten and sent home” (Hosseini, 2007, p. 248). The Taliban’s favorite punishment is beating people if they disobey the new rules. Mariam, Laila, Rasheed, and Zalmai visit Aziza, Laila’s daughter at the orphanage constantly until Rasheed decides he is sick of...

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