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The Pains Of Bullying In Adolescence

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My own personal experiences with trying to fit it was actually, rather difficult. All I ever did was try to fit in to something. Breaking sweat over what I wear, what i go to school in, and how I act in school. And in my opinion, you really don’t control what you do in school, your own peers do. And if you do the right or wrong activity or react in the wrong way or right way, it comes in both negative and positive ways. Like on this one day, I went to school in a new sweater my parents give me one day after Christmas break, which I wore it pretty much every day from the point I got it. It was probably was my one of my most favorite sweaters. It was comfortable, cosy, and actually, really not all that itchy as they are told to be. So I thought to myself, why not wear it to school? It doesn’t look that bad, maybe they’ll like it. So I decided to go with it on to school, granted this was only in third grade. I really did only think little of it. But whenever I made my way to school, what I didn’t see was coming my way, was all the hate and disproval I would get. All the names that were said in just one sentence is truly astounding, at least at the time it was. “haha, you look like a complete moron in that” is one of the saying I remember to this day. All I ever did was wear something I thought was the coolest thing in the world, and thats the reaction. Not the, “wow, how’d you get that? It looks great on you!”. No, because of our heartlessness, even in childhood, we’re nothing but cruel animals trying to follow the leader. But in all honestly, It was only one kid who said it. But the follow up on the rest of my own peers was truly, just brilliant. I feel like if one child gets made fun of, the rest of your peers would just follow along so they could be one of the “cool kids”. Nobody will understand the pain they caused you, till they, themselves are the victims. I really did “felt there was no way out” ( NYtimes) of it.
On the Same note, I wanna hit on another note i keep in my note book. Why in the world do we, as a school, feel like there’s that one group thats completely straight out rejected group, and then there is this “all mighty” group, that people are willing to do absolutely anything to be in it? Why can’t we just flow together rather than clash? Is is really necessary to say that one mean thing about someone? I find it difficult to understand myself. But what I really can’t rap my own head around, is how most people think it isn’t our fault there that one person who can’t fit in because of his, looks, car, house, and even friends and family. He may be working 6 hours a day, dealing with daily chores and working his hardest to make it far enough in life were he can support his happiness and his family, but his peers can’t recognize him? All he gets and group of friend will ever get is just this saying (lord of the flies) “Serve you right if something did get you, you useless lot of cry-babies!”. Even If they do something right,...

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