The Pains Of Gravity Essay

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Gravity is a neutral force that causes things to fall toward the Earth and keeps structure in the universe. Many people think that the appealing experience of weightlessness or zero gravity comes at no price and are unaware of the many effects behind the pleasant sensation of floating. An astronaut’s job is to be in outer space and examine celestial bodies and extraterrestrial planets, but there are many health hazards that come with the job. An astronaut is exposed to cosmic rays or high energy charged particles, and zero gravity, which can cause possible blindness, loss of bone density, muscle loss, weakened immune system, hearing loss, and short and long term consequences to the bone ...view middle of the document...

Patients with cancer who have needed extreme facial reconstructions have undergone the procedure and their pain has been tremendously reduced (Rosenthal). According to the article “Natural coral exoskeleton as a bone graft substitute: A review,” “coral grafts act as an adequate carrier for growth factors and allow cell attachment, growth, spreading and differentiation. When applied appropriately and when selected to match the resorption rate with the bone formation rate of the implantation site, natural coral exoskeletons have been found to be impressive bone graft substitutes” (CN). What this means is that at a genetic level the coral’s exoskeleton, or the external skeleton that supports the animal is very similar to human bones and such compatibility allows the coral to adhere and aid the resorption, or how a structure is remodeled leading to almost a full recovery in patients who experience such symptom.
Whereas some scholars say that there are far more negative side effects to exposure to zero-G, I am going to argue that the negative aspects are actually positive and have led to ground breaking innovations in medicine. The physical setbacks to space exploration have led to the pushing of boundaries in the medical engineering field. According to the article “Space Program Benefits: NASA’s Positive Impact on Society” an impressive medical technology like the artificial heart pump that “supplements the heart’s pumping capacity in the left ventricle” which is in charge of pumping oxygenated blood to tissues throughout the body is owed to the design of NASA’s space shuttle main engine fuel pumps used for liftoff. The pump is used in patients who require a transplant and whose hearts need to be stabilized while they wait for a donor, where the waiting time could be anywhere between a month to a year. The Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD), or the pump, in some cases can also be permanently implanted as it has been improved by a team at Ames Research Center to avoid harming red blood cells (Wilson). Red blood cells have a short shelf life, so according to Dr. Michael DeBakey who worked with Johnson Space Center engineer David Saucier to develop an artificial heart pump, the LVAD had to model the blood flow and had to “restore the rhythm of a patient’s heart,” as it is said in the article, while being implanted as transfusions of a person with heart failure has...

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