The Painting Parnassus Formal Analysis

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Talley 7COVER SHEET Formal Analysis Grade Sheet Name __Alex Talley__Intro - Specifics:2 Name of artwork2 Artist's name or reference unknown2 Time2 Medium2 Location then and nowGeneral:3 Thesis is present and clear5 Analysis is interesting for the reader3 Details are present6 There are no quotes7 Discusses importance of the work8 Writer's reactions5 How it fits artist's oeuvre, why it succeedsBrief description of artist's:3 Life & Influences are described5 Artistic style (ism) is described5 Public reactions to work then and/or nowElements/Principles:5 Each element/principle is individually introduced and addressed.5 No listing is present (more than 3 = a list)5 Each is introduced and flows from one to anotherAnalysis is:5 Unified & organized5 Adequately developed5 CoherentGrammar:3 Sentence structure3 Correct punctuation3 Wordiness3 Spelling3 Word choiceConclusion:5 No new ideas5 Not a repetition of introductionOther:5 Pre-graded rubric attached. Use pencil !6 Title is appropriate3 Copy of work attached5 Plan attached6 Format and sources cited10 Length (minimum 3 full pages, not counting cover sheet, title page, sources, plan, outline, examples)_________ TOTAL (score is a total 150 poss. pts)Punctuality:-25 Paper was not submitted on the due date at the start of class. If absent, email within 24 hrs of the start of class time. Submit a paper copy next class. No papers are to be turned in to any office or mailbox. Only turn them in to me in class.Alex TalleyKathryn Lewis-SalemAH 100028 October 2013The Fearlessness of Andrea Mantegna: A 15th Century Art PioneerThe painting Parnassus is viewed as one of the finest paintings ever done by Andrea Mantegna. Even to this very day the painting remains one of his most admired and discussed paintings among the people. Mantegna began the painting in the months between the years 1495 - 1496. No one is sure when the painting was started, but it is a known fact that the painting was finished in the year 1497 in the Ducal Palace of Mantua for the lovely lady Isabella d'Este. The painting was commissioned by Isabella for her first studiolo, though many other paintings were commissioned by her from other famous artists none of them pleased Isabella as much as the painting that she commissioned from Mantegna. Even though the painting is a simple tempera on canvas it was still beautiful enough to catch her eye so much that she favored it above all of her other paintings in her studiolo. Even today the painting is still held with an air of superiority because of its exhibition in the Musée du Louvre located in Paris, France. In any case it isn't hard to see that Mantegna did something unique with his painting style as well as with the design of his painting to make it a much loved treasure today as it was back then to Isabella d'Este. So what is it exactly about Mantegna's special painting and design style that makes his painting viewed as an amazing masterpiece then and now?To begin with in order to...

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