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The Pale Horse The title of my mystery book is The Pale Horse. The author is Agatha Christie. There was no illustrator, but Linda Thomas did the cover art. The copyright date of The Pale Horse is 1961. My book's publishing company is POCKET BOOKS, which is a division of Simon and Schuster. The city of publication is New York, NY. The opening setting of my book shows the main character, Mark Easterbrook, sitting in an espresso in Chelsea, a kind of slummy town. The mood of the first scene is kind of apprehension because as Mark is sitting there the scene is calm until a fight breaks out at the next table. This means a lot to the book because when the two girls where fighting one girl pulled out another girls hair by the roots and the other girl said it didn't hurt. That girl died soon from mysterious causes and these deaths are what the whole book is about. And you can get that feeling from reading the first chapter that that fight in the little espresso and the unexplained death of one girl has something to do with how the book turns out. The antagonist in my book was Zachariah Osborne. He was a man of about middle age, with a round face, a black mustache, and he wore spectacles. His voice was a very deep bass. He can be described as very respectable looking. He was a pharmacist who had always wanted to be the one to bring a criminal to justice. Mr. Osborne was the man...

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1936 words - 8 pages of Katherine Anne Porter. New York: Harcourt, Brace & Company, 1965. Print. This book contains stories by Katherine Anne Porter with a foreword by the author. ---. Pale Horse, Pale Rider: Three Short Novels. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1964. Print. This book contains Old Mortality, Noon Wine, and Pale Horse, Pale Rider. ---. The Old Order: Stories of the South from “Flowering Judas,” Pale Horse, Pale Rider”, and “The Leaning

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