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The Panthera tigris or commonly known as tiger is one of the biggest cat species, which is its body length is about 3.38 m over curves. This animal has the unique pattern of stripes on its orange fur. The tiger is classified from the kingdom of animalia, phylum of chordate, subphylum of vertebrate, class of mammalian, order of carnivore, family of felidae, genus of panther and species of tigris. Tigers are totally carnivore, which usually hunted for the other animals such as bovids and deer. Tigers are commonly social animals but territorial and generally solitary. IUCN had classified the tiger as the endangered species as there are only six tiger subspecies remaining such as Bengal tiger, Indochinese tiger, Malayan tiger, Siberian tiger, South China tiger and Sumatran tiger. The declining of the tiger in the wild is mostly because of the deforestation, poaching and habitat destruction. The characteristics of the tiger are extremely long whiskers and largest canine teeth, have sharp claws which used to grip their prey and its tail is about half as long as its body.
Figure 1 : Bengal tiger
Figure 2 : Indochinese tiger
Figure 3 : Malayan tiger
Figure 4 : Siberian tiger
Figure 5 : South China tiger
Figure 6 : Sumatran tiger
Malacca Zoo, Malaysia
Malacca Zoo which is 54-acre is located in Ayer Keroh at Melaka, Malaysia. This zoo is the second-largest zoo in Malaysia since more than 1200 animals from the 215 different species can be found. Malacca zoo was established in 1963 as well as Zoo Negara, but the Department of Wildlife and National Parks took over this zoo in 1979. This zoo is basically used for the wildlife rescue base, but on August 13, it was opened to the public by the Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad. There are many attractions at the zoo to attract the visitors such as multi-animal show, mini safari, night zoo and the souvenir shop at the exit of the zoo.

Figure 7 : Malacca Zoo, Malaysia
San Diego Zoo, California
San Diego Zoo is located at the Balboa Park, San Diego, California which over 3700 animals of different 650 species and subspecies can be found. This zoo is organized by the San Diego Zoo Global which is the largest zoological membership association in the world. San Diego Zoo privately operated by the nonprofit Zoological Society of San Diego on 100 acres land areas and officially opened on 1916. . This zoo is an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquarium and the American Alliance of Museums (AAM). The San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research and San Diego Zoo Safari Park are also operated by the San Diego Global.

Figure 8 : San Diego Zoo, California

In Malacca Zoo, tiger are provided with the adequate enclosure space and facilities for resting, sleeping, playing and doing other activities. All the tigers get the protection from the adverse weather conditions when they are in their enclosure. All the...

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