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Correlation Between Young Black Male Presence In Neighborhoods And A Higher Perception Of Crime

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In a study, conducted by Berg, Slocum, and Loeber (2011), they began with several objectives. First, “to assess if robberies and assaults are less likely to be reported when the victim is engaged in crime and if this relationship can be explained by characteristics of the incident, victim, or the victim’s neighborhood and if neighborhood context moderates the effects of offending on reporting” (Berg, Slocum, and Loeber, 2011, p. 75). The data used in this study came from self-reported victimizations to the Pittsburgh Youth Study (PYS). This is an ongoing longitudinal exploration into delinquency and mental health issues. Their sample used, consisted of 832 victimizations, which were reported by 371 participants in the longitudinal study. The sample were all male ranging from ages ten to twenty-six.
When reporting an incident to the PYS, there were several questions asked including, but not limited to: Was the crime reported to the police?, and has the victim committed any of the ten different types of crimes in the last year? Other questions were asked, with the goals of discovering the victim’s lifestyle, acceptance to violence, demographics and the neighborhood in which they live.
The study found that the biggest negative correlation with victims’ decision to report their victimization, was whether or not the victim themselves, had been an offender of some crime in the last year. Furthermore, the victims’ acceptance of violence, involvement with criminal peers and living in high crime neighborhoods, all played a part in the decision to report crimes to the police. The researchers also conclude that victims who were offending, are less likely to report to the police; however, those offending victims who don’t report, are much more prevalent in higher crime neighborhoods.

Researcher have also set out to determine the correlation between residential stability and violent crime rates (Boggess, L. and Hipp, J., 2010). The researchers further test whether homeownership versus all residential stability have any difference with the correlation to violent crime. Boggess and Hipp examined whether racial/ethnic composition of a neighborhood affects the connection between instability and violent crimes. For their study, they use a dual multivariate latent curve model of the change in the violent crime rate and the change in the rate in home sales. Data is collected from Los Angeles between 1992 and 1997 for the purposes of neighborhood demographics, housing stability, and crime statistics. It was also studied, the length of time a homeowner stayed in one location before the rotation of its residents.
Boggess and Hipp conclude in their findings that crime rates are negatively affected by residential instability, except in homeownership. Housing sales in high crime neighborhoods are lower than other surrounding areas, and show little correlation with crime rates. Renters, however, show a significant rise in residential...

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