The Paper Discusses The Development Of Friendships, One During The Childhood Phase And One During Adolesence

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Sometimes I wonder how my life would be without my best friend Arpita. After meeting her my freshmen year in high school and going through so much together, even the fact that we presently haven't seen each other for seven months doesn't mean our friendship has waned in anyway. I know that as soon as we meet we will start of where we left of and not skip a step. But what exactly is it that we have that makes us feel so close to one another? The union that I have with my best friend as well as other friends is one built on trust and loyalty where there is a certain type of love present between individuals. This love can be called care-love and is thought to be exhibit concern for the wellbeing of someone. There doesn't have to be a traditional relationship in care-love, such as a boyfriend/girlfriend or spousal one, merely enough similarities that an individual may be able to relate to someone or something he is caring for loveably. The development of a friendship relationship can be observed in distinct stages. These stages will change according to the age the friendship forms. To understand this better I will discuss two friendships that I had during my life. The first is with my childhood friend Anthony and the second with my best friend Arpita.My childhood was spent growing up in a very small town in Southern New Jersey. This small knit community allowed me to have a very close group of friends, but out of this group one person and grew the closet, this was Anthony. I was 8 years old and in the third grade, the two of us lived in the same neighborhood community, but met in school and became friends there. The development of our friendship wasn't that great in class due to the rules that we had to abide by but it truly flourished during the time of our own daily soap operas. This time was known as lunch/recess. The time when you chose your clique, even though in elementary school e didn't know that cliques existed we unknowingly created them. First there were the two major ones, boys vs. girls and then the minor one. I figured that I fell into the group of boys that were amiable yet still thought of as cool. After third grade ended and the summer came about my mother decided to enroll me into the Boy Scouts of America. The reasoning behind this was that since my father had passed away this male bonding would help me develop socially. I went to the first meeting and to my surprise I met Anthony there. I was ecstatic, here I was in this new situation and new environment but with the upper hand I already had a friend. The Boy Scouts was definitely a lie changing experience I learned everything from cooking to archery and it sped up my abstract thinking. Throughout all of this Anthony was by my side. I recall a camping trip that we went on in the Appalachian Mountains. After getting there we had to pick tent buddies and automatically Anthony and I chose to be together but it supposed to be three per tent so we still had to pick another. I remember...

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