The Paper Is About Different Sociology Theories On Socialization And Social Problems.

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Social Perspectives on Socialization and Social ProblemsIntroduction:Sociology is the study of human behavior and thought and how the social aspects of the society influence the human groups by changing their behavior. It focuses on social relationships; how these relationships influence people's behavior and how societies tend to change because of it (Schaefer, 2006, pg. 3). Sociological perspectives provide different approaches which helps to understand how the different social factors influence the thought and behavior of human groups in the societies. This paper will analyze how the different sociological perspectives look at socialization and social problems, and how these two factors influence the human groups in societies.Sociological Perspectives on Socialization:The term socialization can be defined as a lifelong process in which people learn the attitudes, values and behaviors appropriate for different people in different cultures or society (Schaefer, 2006, pg. 90).Socialization is the learning process which involves development or changes in an individual's sense of self. This applies both in earliest stages of socialization which involves childhood which is generally known as primary socialization, example -in school or at home. And the socialization which occurs in the later part of life, that is known as secondary socialization, example - in college, and work (John Steckley, 2010, pg. 97).Structural functionalism: According to structural functionalist's perspectives socialization is an important factor which helps the members of the particular societies to share their ideas into values by which they can agree into consensus which would lead to stability, and without socialization the society would be at a risk. It focuses on socialization as it allows people to socialize and share their values, beliefs and goals as to ensure that the society maintains status quo (Rukszto, 2012, pg. 73-74). Example, socialization teaches people roles, values, and beliefs and states certain norms and the structural functionalist perspectives would say that these norms and the values the people learn and follow are part of their social roles which is necessary for the society to remain stable. Socialization agents such as family, friends, work and others which provide socialization, play their roles in socializing and if any of these socialization agents don't play their roles the society would not be stable.Conflict Perspective: The conflict perspective focuses its views on socialization as unjust because of their view of society as a capitalist society. As the capitalist society has unfair distribution of resources among the people which leads to difference in power between groups and the groups who have more power can communicate their messages through various forms of socialization which shows the inequality in the society (Richard T. Schaefer, 2006, pg. 78). Institutions such as education, government, and media, portray the interests of the...

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