The Paper Is About The Street Children And Their Problems

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Unluckiest dayI woke up with a pain in the back of my neck. I could hardly turn my head. I strained to look at the clock on the table. It showed six fifty. My goodness, I must have overslept. It looked like I would be late for school. I dashed into the bathroom to have a shower. My goodness, the water was freezing cold and that day i had to take a cold shower.I returned to my room to dress up for school. It seemed to take such a long time to dress up when I had to hurry. When i went downstairs i was scolded by my mother for getting up late. I sighed and got out of the house.I had just covered a little distance before I realized that I had forgotten my school bag. I dismounted and hurried upstairs to get it.I moved another two kilometers before i realized that my car's tyre was flat. It was so infuriating I wanted to scream. My neck hurt, I took a cold shower and now the tyre had to be flat. But I calmed myself,and told the driver to take it to a near shop. As though expecting things to turn out wrong, I was not surprised to find the shop closed. I was late for school.So I left the car over there and I walked to the bus stand and waited. The bus came at eight. I was really late for school. When I finally arrived at school, classes were in full session. In fact the first period was over. The headmaster caught me coming late and gave me a terrific scolding, but I was in no mood to argue. I just wanted to get to class. I entered my class when the mathematics teacher was there. I received another scolding for being late. Five minutes later I received yet another for forgetting to bring my instrument box. The rest of the day in school was one big mess. I could not concentrate. I sort of went through the lessons half-aware of them. When the bell finally rang to signal the end of the day I was so glad to go home. However that was not the end yet.After lunch, I wanted to take a nap, but I could not get to sleep because of the pain in my neck. So I tossed and turned which made the pain worse. Finally I gave up and went into the garden to relax.Evening came, After dinner I rested for a while, had a shower and then went to bed. It was not even nine but I was so glad to get into bed and let sleep embrace me. It had been a hard day when nothing went right.Women in indiaAccording to India's constitution, women are...

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This Paper Is About The Street Children And Their Problems

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