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The Paradigm Shift From Instruction To Learning

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THE PARADIGM SHIFT - FROM INSTRUCTION TO LEARNINGALINA PREDA, ADRIANA FEKETEREZUMAT: Într-o eră a informaţiei şi a informaticii, şlefuită constant de noi şi noi descoperiri şi progrese tehnologice, noua generaţie, crescută cu calculatorul pe post de "dădacă", îşi manifestă din ce în ce mai pregnant preferinţa pentru metodele de predare-învăţare bazate pe o combinantă a stilului tradiţional de comunicare a informaţiilor cu mijloace moderne care utilizează calculatorul şi Internetul. Astfel, învăţarea combinată (blended-learning ) îşi face loc treptat în sistemul educaţional, ca cea mai eficientă variantă, beneficiind şi de impulsul oferit de noile descoperiri din domeniul ştiinţelor cognitive, care demonstrează că structurarea liniară şi ierarhică a informaţiei nu este cea mai fericită soluţie în procesul de instruire, ceea ce sugerează ulilitatea platformelor e-learning ca şi componente de bază ale învăţării combinate.CUVINTE CHEIE: învăţare combinată, abilităţi metacognitive, învăţarea activă şi autonomă, design instrucţionalThey say that "variety is the spice of life", so it should come as no surprise that variety may well be the secret of successful learning. This secret began to unravel on September 11, 1956, on the second day of an MIT symposium, organised by the Special Interest Group in Information Technology. It was there and then that the history of blended learning started being written. As Kai Peters and Mario Weiss (2006) note, it was the first time that "a symposium had been held that drew together a broad range of people" whose interests covered various areas of study, from psychology, philosophy, linguistics, anthropology, to physics, neuroscience, information and computer science. Each and every one of these different experts had become aware that only by drawing together these various disciplines could they make progress in their respective fields. Thus, they began the search for "a unified science that would discover the representational and computational capacities of the human mind, and their structural and functional realization in the human brain" (Miller, 2003: 144). Eventually, they succeeded in defining "a new area of cognitive processes, which over time came to be known as cognitive science" (Peters and Weiss, 2006: 79). The term cognitive science was coined by Christopher Longuet-Higgins in 1973, and in the same decade the journal Cognitive Science and the Cognitive Science Society were founded.This rapidly evolving interdisciplinary study aims to establish whether and how intelligence may be modelled computationally, and thus focuses on issues pertaining to learning and...


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