The Role Of Alternate Sources Of Energy

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The consumption of energy in our world is vital, especially in the economy. Although, the methods of obtaining energy is harmful in many ways. The worst of many ways are the release of greenhouse gases; these gases are dangerous to the environment, the health of human beings and animals. The causes of all the harmful effects are from Fossil Fuels. These fuels are made out of combinations of hydrogen and carbon atoms called hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons come in plenty of forms- starting from the smallest molecules and smoothest liquids up till the largest molecules and the most viscous liquids. There are three types of hydrocarbons, alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes. Alkanes are hydrocarbons that consist of only single bonds, alkenes consists only one double bond, and Alkynes consists only one triple bond. When hydrocarbons are burnt in the presence of oxygen (in other words, combustion) the products are water, carbon dioxide, and heat, but when not enough oxygen is present then the harmful product made is carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is poisonous and it can lead to death if absorbed in body. Due to these harms, alternative sources of energy are created to produce energy. But hydrocarbons are still used today because it is the only available and most easily found main-source of energy.
There are plenty of Alternative sources of energy such as, solar power, wind power, nuclear power, hydroelectric power, and many others. These alternate sources may not be as harmful as fossil fuels but each of them has their advantages and disadvantages.
The first example of an Alternative source of energy is created by solar power. Solar power uses a solar panel to absorb the sun’s heat and convert it to useful energy used to generate electricity required in buildings or houses. An advantage is that the sun’s heat is free and this method of obtaining energy is non-polluting, while the disadvantages are that the materials needed to create the solar panel are expensive and this source of energy can only work in the presence of sunlight.
Wind power is an example of an alternative method which works by using wind turbines in a windy area. The movement of the turbines created by the wind can produce energy-required/electricity. The advantages of this method are that the materials required to build the wind mill isn’t expensive, the wind is free, and wind power gives minimal damage to the environment. The disadvantages are that the speed of the turbines are not constant (it depends on the wind energy) so the electricity supply is not definite, some pollutants are released in the production of the wind turbines, and also wind turbines are quite noisy.
The next alternative source of energy is through nuclear power. Energy is derived from this method by using a nuclear reactor such as uranium and making it create a nuclear fission. In order to have a nuclear fission, the atom of the uranium must split and thus energy is released. The energy released moves the...

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