The Role Of Computers In Hospitality Management

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IntroductionAccording to Frank M. Go and Ray Pine another significant development is the exponential growth of knowledge. It creates new technology and new technology creates new knowledge. The systematic gathering and dissemination of knowledge requires information technology. However, the use of technology in the hotel industry is not widespread and its assimilation is expected to be slow, due to two barriers:(a) The gap between management's business needs and technology understanding is the leading reason why the lodging industry is lagging behind others in using technology as a strategic weapon.(b) Technology buyers [hotels] are uncertain about the effectiveness of technology investiments.The proliferation of [technology] alternatives has undermined the confidence [perceived] of many (41 per cent of the hotel executives surveyed) in the effectiveness of their technology investment. For now the lack of management's understanding of technology has led to dissatisfaction with results and a reluctance to pursue further implementations of technology(1995: 296)The use of computerisation in the hospitality industry has changed greatly over the past twenty years. The launch of low-cost personal computers in the early 1980s started an explosion in the use of technology that is still continuing today. Technology still in development, such as truly integrated hotel systems and Internet-based reservations systems, will have a profound effect on how hospitality organisations transact their business and perhaps even on the structure of the industry itself. For hospitality business, it is no longer a question of whether to computerise, but which system will give the most benefits and should be installed first!The role of computers in hospitality management and operations has become increasingly complex. Many different types of hardware and software are used, and it can be difficult even to begin to understand the array of technical terms that can be encountered. Computing isn't just about PCs any more: it's also about connectivity, networking and communications. Integrating this connectivity poses one of the greatest challenges for the future. The pace of change is also very swift, and thus it can be very difficult to keep up-to-date on what's happening in the area. That being said, knowledge of both the capabilities of computer systems and the benefits that can be gained by using them is essential for every hospitality manager.The companies that effectively use information technology will be the ones with the most improved customer service, whether those customers are external (e.g. guests) or internal (e.g. employees, shareholders). The speed with which information is accumulated, stored, manipulated, and transferred is such that today most travellers expect that hotel rooms they rent will allow them to be as productive as they are in offices or at home. Technology affects how an organisation is managed and how communication takes place in the...

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